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Venezuelan Launches “Adopt a Family” Movement After Buying 400 Kg of Food With Crypto

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:10 PM
Francisco Memoria
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:10 PM

A Venezuelan Redditor recently decided to use donations received in NANO to buy over 400 kg of food for his friends and family in the country, which is facing one of the deepest economic recessions yet. He’s now launching a movement to support others.

As covered by CCN.com, the Venezuelan crypto enthusiast, going by Windows7733 on Reddit, initially received a 0.5 NANO donation, at press time worth about $1.16, to him equivalent to one month’s salary. After receiving said donation, the Redditor thanked users in the NANO subreddit, and ended up receiving a lot more.

Later on, Windows7733 used 29.1 NANO, now worth about $67.2, to buy over 100 kg of food. Users kept on donating and approaching the Redditor, and in a new update , he revealed he bought another 300 kg of food for 61 NANO. In total, Windows7733 bought 400 kg of food with 90.1 NANO, about $208. In the thread he wrote:

Forty families were benefited from this donation and it’s amazing how they are reacting when they are told about cryptocurrencies, many of them, for my surprise, already know what cryptocurrencies are but haven’t been able to have none for themselves, others were just skeptic or simply didn’t care [about] anything but the food until I talked to them about how this campaign is helping them.

In other posts, the user revealed several cryptocurrency communities approached him to show support and send over donations. One of them was that of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which currently has the eatBCH  charity sending supplies to people in various countries.

To further help Venezuelans dealing with government failures, the Redditor decided to launch the “Adopt a Family ” movement, which will see NANO users donate to Venezuelans in an attempt to both help them and spread adoption in the country.

The project may turn into another example of Venezuelans using cryptocurrencies to survive the hyperinflation caused by their government, which is currently focusing on its oil-backed cryptocurrency Petro. Addressing the project, Windows7733 wrote:

I wish hundreds of families could benefit from this project increasing further in Venezuela NANO knowledge among the population and cryptocurrencies in general, this paves the way for more projects like making investment directly in NANO and hiring venezuelan manpower to work for you guys, providing workers and parts economic freedom and well being.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government has revealed its planning to use the Petro to finance villas for the homeless. Earlier this year the executive secretary of the country’s Blockchain Observatory, Daniel Peña, touted the oil-backed cryptocurrency would make its impact “within three to six months.”

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