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Top 5 Most Popular NFT Collections and How Many have Been Sold

Last Updated June 26, 2023 8:58 AM
Teuta Franjkovic
Last Updated June 26, 2023 8:58 AM
Key Takeaways
  • The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs and is most expensive in the NFT market
  • Mineable Punks are a mineable NFT. randomly generated, stored 100% on-chain. Difficulty increases as more get minted. 
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a collection of up to 20,000 Mutant Apes that can only be created by exposing an existing Bored Ape to a vial of MUTANT SERUM
  • Azuki is a collection of 10,000 avatar NFTs inspired by anime artwork
  • 7,777 Dreadfulz have inked their name in fealty to the Grand Inquisitor. Bound by avarice, lustful for $DREAD

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are digital assets that are verifiable on a blockchain and cannot be replicated or counterfeited but some of them are extremely popular while for some, no one ever has heard of.

When artists collaborate in order to launch a series of NFTs (released and sold in digital forms such as films, music, and tweets), NFT collections are formed. These objects are stored on the blockchain independently. Furthermore, each piece of digital art has metadata that includes the artist’s identity, creation date, title, and other pertinent information.

From pixelated gorillas to odd-looking wolves, the value of an NFT collection is determined by the rarity of the art as well as the artist’s popularity and ingenuity. In addition, the price of one NFT rises as more individuals seek to purchase others in the collection.

These NFTs can be acquired and traded on the open market using cryptocurrencies. There are multiple NFT marketplaces where you may buy and sell NFTs, and their value, like any other asset, is determined by supply and demand.

OpenSea, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway are three popular marketplaces where you may purchase these sets. The largest and most popular NFT marketplace is OpenSea.

In 2014, digital artist Kevin McCoy created the first NFT, “Quantum,” an octagonal “seed” featuring linework and gradients, on crypto platform Namecoin. In 2021, it was auctioned off by Sotheby’s  for $1.47 million. Since then, it’s become a regular practice to generate these pixel-art images as 10,000-piece collections using an algorithm. Rare Pepe, CryptoPunks, and CryptoKitties were among the first widely disseminated collections. But how do these seasoned NFT originals fare in today’s volatile digital market?

NFTs With the Highest Price:

Here are some statistics for NFT collections and individual assets that have sold for the highest prices:

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

Volume (24h) Est Market Cap Floor Price Sales (24h) Assets Owners
12,038.29 ETH


448,596 ETH 47.97 ETH 258


10,000 5,635


Bored  Ape Yacht Club, also known as Bored Apes, Bored Ape, or BAYC, is a popular NFT collection developed on the Ethereum network. The collection includes 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs, which are unique digital treasures that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Yuga Labs is the parent company of Bored Ape Yacht Club and started the project back in April 2021. Owners of a Bored Ape NFT gain admission to a special online club, exclusive in-person events, and picture intellectual property rights. Several celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others, have purchased these NFTs.

In the latest development, Bored Ape #1368  was purchased for 47.88 ETH (CRYPTO: ETH) ($89,792). Bored Apes are often valued based on their qualities, with the laser eyes, crown, and golden fur traits being the most desired.

Mineable Punks (mpunks)

Volume (24h) Est Market Cap Floor Price Sales (24h) Assets Owners
1,199.56 ETH



85.84 ETH 0.019 ETH 6


4,147 977

MineablePunks  (MPunks) are a continuation of the already popular CryptoPunks NFT collection. MPunks are generated using CryptoPunk assets, all on-chain.

 MPunks cannot be claimed; they must be mined. A valid 256-bit hash can be fed through an on-chain minting function that uses the probability distribution and assets of the original 10,000 CryptoPunks to generate a MPunk.

MineablePunks is also very popular NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain that features a limited edition of 2,398 randomly produced artwork . The NFT collection maintains its top position after climbing in the rankings in recent weeks.

 Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)

Volume (24h) Est Market Cap Floor Price Sales (24h) Assets Owners
1,185.82 ETH



183,944.98 ETH 10.06 ETH 118


19,476 11,248


The Mutant Ape Yacht Club  debuted on August 28, 2021, as a collection of 20,000 Mutant Ape-themed NFTs. MAYC was built as the second expansion to the Bored Apes environment to integrate new collectors into the BAYC ecosystem. Since its introduction, the collection has grown in popularity and has established itself as a market leader in the PFP NFT segment. Prior to MAYC, there was just BAYC, which debuted in April 2021, and the Bored Ape Kennel Club, which debuted in June 2021. With the PFP (profile picture) NFT market expanding in the summer of 2021, developers were looking for new and unique ways to deploy their avatar projects, with Yuga stealing the show after releasing MAYC using revolutionary dynamics.

Each NFT in the collection is based on an original Bored Ape NFT and was manufactured by Yuga Labs through a procedure described as “exposing existing Bored Apes to a vial of Mutant Serum.”

MAYC enabled more NFT aficionados  than previously imagined to join the Bored Ape ecosystem. Popular Bored Ape NFT collection has remained exorbitant and out of reach for the average Joe, while Kennel Club NFTs, and then Mutant Apes, have seen the bar of entrance drastically lower at one point or another, giving new degrees of accessibility to the coveted BAYC community.

Similarly, Mutant Apes have grown in popularity and accessibility outside of the NFT sector, possibly surpassing Bored Apes in such areas. Because various apparel brands and other businesses utilize Mutant Apes as brand ambassadors , even consumers who are unfamiliar with Web3 can feel a connection to the MAYC brand.


Volume (24h) Est Market Cap Floor Price Sales (24h) Assets Owners
1,122.11 ETH


149,448 ETH 17.8 ETH 64


10,000 4,567


A Profile Picture (PFP) project with 10,000 anime-inspired NFTs, Azuki ‘s rise to notoriety has been marked by unparalleled enthusiasm, in-depth backstory, and unexpected controversy.

When Azuki first appeared on the popular NFT scene in January 2022, it rapidly grabbed the hearts of many NFT aficionados as a potential new frontrunner in the then-PFP-centric NFT market.

Originally, Azuki was going to be released through Dutch Auction—a type of NFT drop in which a sale starts at a certain amount and then gradually declines to the final sale value. The initial Azuki mint price was 1 ETH, with the price decreasing by 0.05 ETH every 20 minutes until it reached 0.15 ETH. However, Azuki was never able to attain 0.15. In reality, it barely made it to the initial price cut, since the collection sold out in around three minutes  at the 1 ETH mint price.

In the recent series of development, Spirit DAO received a coveted comic book token attribute from Azuki, meaning that Spirit DAO members can equip the token trait to improve their Azuki experience and stand out in the community.

Spirit DAO is a private syndicate of Azuki NFT collectors committed to making Azuki a well-known brand in the metaverse.


Volume (24h) Est Market Cap Floor Price Sales (24h) Assets Owners
927.32 ETH


174.2 ETH 0.011 ETH 8 7,777 1,657

Dreadfulz  is an Ethereum-based collection of 7,777 scary characters  that is experiencing a rise in purchases ahead of Halloween.

The project has a multi-stage roadmap in place, and holders can stake their NFTs for DREAD tokens and gain ownership of the staking vault. The “DAO of the Dreadfulz” will come after, and it will be utilized for decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) members to vote on ideas aimed at increasing wealth in the DAO. NFT holders will be able to claim a full-body 3D avatar to use in compatible metaverse projects in the future.


It seems nowadays, everyone wants to get into the NFT space as soon as possible in order to make a lot of money. Unfortunately, not every NFT collection is popular and, therefore, worth a lot of bucks.

There are a few ways to make a collection valuable, but building an NFT collection worth a lot of money is hard for the regular Joe.
If an artist is well-known in the NFT community, their collections will automatically command a higher price at auction.
Celebrities such as Grimes, Jack Dorsey, Paris Hilton, and Snoop Dogg will be able to charge more because they are already well-known and have a large fan base.

So, at the end of the day, it’s all about the following – the more followers and the larger the community, the more valuable the NFT collection is.