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Cashless Sweden Will Host its First Major Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Conference

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM
Benjamin Vitáris
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM

Stockholm will host its first-ever blockchain and cryptocurrency conference on September 7, 2017. According to the host’s press release, who are hosting a series of events in different European cities, including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Prague, Kiev, and Tallinn, the participants will pay special attention to discuss the blockchain development in FinTech.

“We’re sure that blockchain will become as commonplace as the Internet and smartphones. The Organizer Smile Expo invites Blockchain-enthusiasts from business and government who are already aware of the benefits of new technology,” the event organizers invite the guests to the conference on its official website .

Participating in the conference is not cheap though, a ticket costs 2,000 SEK or 207 EUR, however, participants will be surrounded by experts in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The speakers include IBM Distinguished Engineer Karolina Marzantowicz, who is also a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. She will speak about the “Blockchain impact on Energy & Utility industry”, which is a current concern for Sweden since, in June, the government of the country launched a project to implement blockchain tech to the energy sector. According to the conference’s press release, a department of the government corporation Vattenfal, in cooperation with 20 companies in Europe, started the development of a blockchain platform for electricity trading.

“The main participants are IT developers, entrepreneurs, investors, software, and equipment manufacturers. The speakers are managers of the well-known companies and representatives of governmental authorities,” the hosts write on the conference’s website.

The hosts emphasized that, because of the high number of recent implementations of the blockchain technology in the banking sector, “there will be a lot of analytics and discussions” in the conference about such topics.

“We will focus on Sweden and foreign projects implementing Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Experts will share their experience of implementing Blockchain in governmental institutions (Govtech), banking system, trading, media, healthcare and other spheres. We will discuss all the aspects of creating innovative IT products – from the emergence of idea to entering the market,” the hosts wrote on the website.

Due to the low use of cash in Sweden, the circulation of the physical currency dropped by 40 percent since 2009, the government announced in 2016 that they are planning to launch e-Krona, Sweden’s official digital currency. The national bank plans to launch the cryptocurrency in two years, however, according to a poll, the population is skeptical about the virtual currency.

Also, in 2016, a team of technology players announced that they are planning to transform the land registry in Sweden to the blockchain. By using the blockchain tech and smart contracts, Sweden could be the first country to have a blockchain-based land registry.

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