Supercomputer Firm Denies Links with Speculated Satoshi Craig Wright

December 11, 2015 12:07 UTC

Following a document trail that claimed high-performance computing firm SGI was partnering with Craig Wright and his supercomputer firm, Cloudcroft Supercomputers, SGI has now denied any relationship with alleged Bitcoin creator Craig Wright.

A letter, complete with the SGI letterhead and the signature of SGI APAC service director Greg McKeon had the computing firm contend that it was assisting Cloudcroft Supercomputers Australia and its founder & CEO Craig Wright in developing “hyper-density machines and supercomputers.”

The letter also claimed a previous endeavor between SGI and Cloudcroft to build the latter’s first supercomputer called Sukuriputo Okane, deemed to be ranked #327th in the world.

However, as revealed by ZDNet SGI has now completely denied any involvement with Craig Wright’s Cloudcroft Supercomputers.

The alleged letter of endorsement by SGI acknowledging Cloudcroft can be read here. [PDF]

CCN reported on DeMorgan Ltd, the parent company of Cloudcroft and one listed by Craig Wright on his LinkedIn page as its CEO. At the time of publishing the referenced article, the website of DeMorgan Ltd and Craig Wright’s LinkedIn page were active and accessible. Now, the company website is seemingly offline while the LinkedIn profile is not as accessible as it was before. More specifically to the point, DeMorgan Ltd claimed to own a supercomputer called C01N or Tulip Trading, on its website, supposedly ranked #15th (now #17th) in the world of supercomputers.

Additional evidence, pointed to by ZDNet highlights a blog article published in December 2014 on Cloudcroft. The blog entry shows Wright claiming Cloudcroft to have the “biggest supercomputer cluster in Australia, with just under 5 petabytes.”

The Denial

As it turns out, SGI chief operating officer and executive vice president Cassio Conceicao has claimed that SGI has had no relationship with Craig Wright. Speaking to the publication, he said:

Cloudcroft has never been an SGI customer and SGI has no relationship with Cloudcroft CEO Craig Steven Wright.

Furthermore, he added that there was no previous record of SGI being purchased or serviced by the firm. In a tweet, Craig Wright claimed to have merged C01N and Tulip Trading to form the supercomputer.

Conceicao confirmed:

SGI has no record of the C01N supercomputer ever being purchased or serviced by SGI, therefor SGI suspects it may have been purchased on the grey market. SGI does not operate, maintain or provide any services for this supercomputer.

Craig Wright figured among the most talked about people in recent days after recent investigations from WIRED and Gizmodo alleged him to be Bitcoin’s secretive and pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Credit to ZDNet for the story.

Images from Shutterstock and SGI.

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