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Steem Added to State of the DApps Listings

Last Updated March 4, 2021 3:15 PM
Melanie Kramer
Last Updated March 4, 2021 3:15 PM

Social blockchain platform Steem, home to the Steemit social network, has been added to dApp (decentralized application) tracking website stateofthedapps.com and now sits proudly next to Ethereum, EOS, and POA, on the site’s “Rankings by Platform” page.

Steem dApp listings are still being populated so the leading dApps might not be in the right order just yet. According to the Steem website the social blogging platform Steemit is Steem’s most used dApp followed by its mobile application eSteem, decentralized video platform DTube, funding platform Utopian, and the Steem Monsters collectible game.

Interestingly, the Steemit social platform enters the rankings with nearly 5,000 users in the past 24 hours, only beaten by one more listed dApp and that’s BingoBet based on the EOS blockchain. Despite activity on the Ethereum blockchain in recent years its trailing poorly for dApp user rankings which could be a sign of trouble for the blockchain. Though Ethereum’s promised upgrades could solve the scalability issues which are deterring dApp developers right now.

Top 5 dApps by platform Source: State of the DApps

1 Million Transactions for Steem

Steem , on its website, is reporting over 1 million transactions in the past 24 hours, with Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains processing half that number. On October 21, 2018, EOS processed 5.4 million transactions, Ethereum 1.3 million, and another up and coming blockchain platform, Waves, reached 6.1 million transactions.

The addition of Steem to State of the DApps was a result of Steemian Rosanne Dubbeld’s tweet to the listings website just two days ago.

dApp Adoption is a Critical Indicator

State of the DApps says it’s working with the webmaster of Steem Apps to populate live statistics for Steem top applications. According to Steem Projects, there are currently 445 applications built using the Steem blockchain. Many of these are utilities with around ten games, nine trading apps, and five wallets.

The state of the DApps is still missing a platform. Competitor DappRadar already lists TRON dApps but doesn’t list Steem. TRON’s busiest dApp, TRONbet, is putting out nearly 2 million  TRON transactions a day. The second most popular, TRON Shrimp Farm, is hitting 17,000 transactions per day.

The number of dApps, users, and transactions are important indicators of the viability and ability to scale of blockchain platforms. Without access to private blockchain application statistics, like platforms being implemented in banking or trade systems, they are a useful industry metric.

The success of blockchain as a technology is key to cryptocurrency adoption. And, coin prices are influenced by the deployment of their native chains.

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