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7 Recent Roger Ver Quotes on Block Size Debate and Bitcoin

Justin OConnell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM

“Let’s Raise the Bitcoin Block Size!” That’s Roger Ver’s take on the block size debate. But the Bitcoin leader has been such a staunch proponent of increasing the block size, we at CCN.com, thought we’d take some of Roger’s most recent quotes on increasing the block size so that Bitcoin can take on more transactions and make a listicle. 

1. “I’m sure the current core developers are talented programmers, but most of them are clueless when it comes to basic economics, and providing an incentive for people to use Bitcoin.”

2. “I’m currently exploring options including starting my own mining pool, hiring a competing full-time dev team, or even hard forking Bitcoin to stay in line with Satoshi’s original vision of P2P cash.”

3. “If my group of like-minded supporters do hard fork Bitcoin, we will also likely change the proof of work to something that is most suited to general purpose CPUs rather than GPUs or ASICs.”

4. “I suspect that will be a real wakeup call to the current Bitcoin miners and hardware manufacturers that the market clearly needs and wants Bitcoin to be allowed to scale.”


5. “After talking with many of the Bitcoin miners from China over the last few days, and hearing that they currently are not willing to do the smart thing and allow Bitcoin to scale in a timely manner, I’m on the very verge of selling some of my Bitcoins. Perhaps one day very soon I will be devoting all of my attention to a hard fork of Bitcoin that actually allows scaling in a timely manner.”

6. “The current path that the small blockers are taking has the wrong economic code and will likely end in failure if Bitcoin isn’t allowed to scale soon.”

7. “Recently at a Silicon Valley Bitcoin meet-up I hosted, one of the current Bitcoin developers was literally telling people that they should use credit cards instead of Bitcoin. I think that is a ridiculous thing to say, since I specifically got involved to build a currency that can rival the Dollar, the Euro, and the Yen. Telling people to use credit cards won’t accomplish that goal.”

If you weren’t caught up before, now you are! These are some of Ver’s most recent thoughts on this important technical debate taking place inside the Bitcoin Community.

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