Report: Backup Software Firm Acronis Will Use Blockchain Technology

February 26, 2016 19:56 UTC

Backup and recovery solutions technology company Acronis, the developer of popular software for consumers and businesses alike, is looking to integrate blockchain technology into its products, according to a report.

Software developer Acronis, a company founded in Russia and now operating globally while headquartered in Singapore is looking to introduce blockchain technology into its products, according to a report by Russia’s leading business daily, the Vedomosti.

According to the publication’s sources, the software maker is developing several pilot projects with a common prototype called ‘Xray.’ While details are currently scarce, the implementation of blockchain technology is said to ensure data immutability.

The notion of a distributed ledger’s principles applied to backup solutions could lend to a blockchain-based solution for distributed storage in a secure way.

A distributed storage solution may prove beneficial as an enterprise solution to ensure the integrity of large volumes of data that would be distributed as multiple copies along a ledger. A tamper-resistant, crash-proof data storage solution could be a significant leap for data security management among companies and enterprise.

As things stand, the publication’s sources reveal that the company is yet to determine how blockchain technology can be integrated with its products. The decision will be made by Acronis following experimentation among a number of pilot projects, all of which will be using the same technology that underpins Bitcoin.

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