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The President of Pro-Bitcoin Liberland Has a First Born

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM
Justin OConnell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM

All hail! The president of Liberland, an anarchist country declared between Croatia and Serbia, has had a baby. The country previously declared it would use digital currency, specifically bitcoin,  as its national currency.

Vit Jedlička / Facebook

“The objective of the founders of the new state is to build a country where honest people can prosper without being oppressed by governments making their lives unpleasant through the burden of unnecessary restrictions and taxes,” states the announcement of world’s newest country.

The authorities have taken notice.

Liberland, officials called the Free Republic of Liberland, was founded on the western bank of the Danube river, between Croatia and Serbia. The internationally unrecognized country between Croatia and Serbia was proclaimed on April 13, 2015, by Czech libertarian politician and activist Vít Jedlička.

According to Liberland’s website , the nation was created due to the ongoing Croatia-Serbia border dispute. Serbian and Croatian legal experts assert Jedlička’s claims lack legal basis, and multiple sources have reported that both Serbia and Croatia dispute ownership of the land Jedlička claimed for Liberland.

Croatian authorities restricted access to Liberland beginning May 2015. Jedlička has been twice detained for less than a day by Croatian authorities. A Croatian court determined crossing into Liberland from Croatia is illegal. It opposed convictions for doing so.

The Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s led to territories between Serbia and Crotia to being disputed.

Jedlička claims the land he has claimed, known as Gornja Siga (meaning upper tufa ), was unclaimed.

The country hopes to balance the power imbalance. “By writing a very restrictive constitution, we try to prevent that. We are well aware that power corrupts. Lord Acton and Murray Rothbard explained this in plain detail. We hope to build a country that will be much less corrupt than they are normally in Europe.”

The country also plans to incorporate crypto-currencies as recognized currencies, with bitcoin as its national currency.

Featured image from Liberland.