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Pokémon Theme Singer Teaches Thousands of Followers About Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:37 PM
Mike Brown
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:37 PM

“Gotta cash ’em all!” That’s the new message from Jason Paige, singer of the original Pokémon theme tune. Paige released a new song this month encouraging his followers to join the bitcoin revolution. It’s equal parts cheesy, catchy, and informative, espousing the benefits of decentralized cryptocurrency.

“I wanna pay with the very best

“Like no one ever has

“To mine them is our real test

“To use them is our cause”

Pokémon: Gotta Cash ‘Em All!

The lyrics parody the original Pokémon anime series, which experienced a surge of popularity in the late ’90s. Nearly 20 years later, and Paige  can still hold a note like it was yesterday.

“Bitcoin, gotta cash ’em all!

“It’s more than currency

“I know it’s our destiny

“Bitcoin, oh the banks are scared

“Cause it’s spreading everywhere!”

The video description contains a link to another YouTube video from the Institute for the Future, which explains the blockchain in two minutes:

Paige’s song, which has received over 10,000 views at the time of writing, has attracted numerous supportive comments. Several fans of the original franchise weighed in, declaring that the signer has got them interested in bitcoin.

That’s perhaps likely to play to Paige’s favor, as the video’s description contains a link to a Coinbase referral. When a user signs up following the link, the description explains that Paige and the user will both receive $10 of free bitcoin.

Pokémon’s Paige Not a Fan of Central Banks

Later in the song, Paige makes it clear that he likes bitcoin for its potential to replace central banks.

“Consensus rules, central banks are all for fools!”

This is perhaps not too surprising. During the 2012 U.S. presidential election, Paige produced another Pokémon-themed video supporting Ron Paul. The Republican candidate was known for his anti-central bank views, penning a 2009 book called “End the Fed.”

It’s unclear where Pikachu stands on economic policy, but Paige’s video ends with the yellow mascot dancing with bitcoins covering its eyes.

The Blockchain Gets Musical

Paige is not the first musician to sing about bitcoin in his work. Rappers Toby + Decap wrote a song criticizing the financial system in 2014 called “Welcome to the Blockchain.” Country singer John Barrett also wrote an “Ode to Satoshi” that declares the anonymous founder as someone who “came to save the day.” Even rapper Eminem observed in his song “Not Alike” in September 2018 that “everybody doing bitcoin.”

Others have followed a similar line of thought to Paige, like the Rebecca Black parody about BitPay. Whether any of these songs are likely to increase adoption is unclear, but it’s apparent that a significant group of musicians like to sing about their favorite cryptocurrency.