October 23, 2016 12:13 PM UTC

OpenBazaar Upgrades Vendor Features

OpenBazaar, a decentralized, unregulated and open-source marketplace that uses bitcoin, continues to evolve, having recently released a new set of features for vendors. The newest upgrade, according its blog, includes “pinned listings,” hidden listings, and maximum quantity on listings that prevents buyers from purchasing more than the number of items specified in one order.

Changes also include addresses, images, shipping and more.

‘Pinned’ Listings For Vendors

Vendors on the platform can now choose certain listings to highlight in their stores. In creating a listing, they can select “pinned” to display it to buyers at the top of their storefront.

When creating a listing, or edit an existing one, they can select “hidden” if they don’t want visitors to see that listing. The listings can still be visited with the listing address enabling vendors to create private listings only visible to those they give the listing address.

It is also now possible to set a maximum quantity on their listings, preventing buyers from purchasing more than the number of items they specify in one order. This provides vendors a simple inventory management system.

More Improvements

The platform has also made improvements to addresses, images and shipping. The first address in the addresses tab is now marked as the default address. The addresses can now be reordered by dragging. The addresses are also more flexible; only the name and country are needed.

For images, rotation buttons now allow the avatar in the page tab of settings to be rotated.

The buyer and seller avatar pictures now appear on the close dispute form for moderators.

When images upload to listings, the image will automatically rotate to match the orientation if the image has an orientation in its “EXIF” data.

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Eye On E-Commerce

Having opened for business in May, OpenBazaar has long-term plans to be a major e-commerce player, CCN reported. Its immediate focus is traditional e-commerce for digital and physical goods and services.

For a comprehensive update, visit the website.

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