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The North American Bitcoin Conference Is Quickly Selling Out

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM
Victoria Ross
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM

The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC ) held in Miami, Florida each January is now in its fourth year and is the most attended and longest running conference for the bitcoin, finance and currency industries. It began in 2012 with 200 first attendees and reached over 2000 attendees last year from over 40 countries.

Visionaries like Apple’s Steve Wozniak, entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire and Virgin’s Richard Branson are investing millions in the technological future of distributed ledgers that go hand-in-hand with Bitcoin.

The conference will open January 20 and will be held for two days closing on January 21. The importance of blockchain and its technology for real-time data validation will be prominent with one of its two opening speakers, Wayne Vaughn, CEO of Tierion, speaking on recording data on the blockchain. Joe Colangelo, Executive Director at Consumer Research, Bretton Woods, will set the tone of the conference with his opening presentation on the future of Bitcoin.

Bobby Lee, CEO at BTCC, will speak on the timely topic: “Bitcoin, a suitable reserve currency?” The cryptocurrency outperformed the US dollar in 2015 and other fiat currencies. All time market lows in the US stock market and jittery drop in energy price has brought George Soros to comment that certain asset classes mimic the markets prior to the 2008 global meltdown. Bitcoin is making a strong case as the reserve currency.

The future of bitcoin and blockchain will be one of the most discussed topics at the conference which is planning an emphasis on the evolution of blockchain in its lineup of speaker topics.

Premier sponsors of the event are Premier Sponsors Private Internet Access and Bitcoin.com with supporting sponsors: Genesis Mining, Pillsbury and BSAVE.10.

Other planned speakers during the event are Patrick Byrne CEO at Overstock and TO.com, Jerry Brito the Executive Director of Coin Centre, Bruce Fenton the Executive Director of Bitcoin Foundation and Eric Larcheveque CEO at Ledger.

The conference is held to bring attendees up to speed on the latest innovations and connect with the brightest industry minds as you prepare for the Cyberland ecology of technology. For those passionate about FinTech, this two-day event provides world renowned speakers in an intimate setting for discussion on redefining the world of payments. Bitcoin is the next step in FinTech.

The North American Bitcoin Conference will be held at the James L. Knight center.

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