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Music Meets Crytpo: Introducing the Virtual Currency Girls, Japan’s Latest J-Pop Sensation

Last Updated May 22, 2023 5:08 AM
Colin Harper
Last Updated May 22, 2023 5:08 AM

A new music group has captivated the Japanese Pop scene, and they’re capitalizing on cryptocurrency’s rising popularity in Japan to step out into the spotlight.

Say hello to the Virtual Currency Girls, the eight-woman pop group derived from the One Hundred Constellations  underground music collective.  Sporting eclectic outfits of maid uniforms and luchador masks, they prance around the stage belting verses about Bitcoin and friends to raise cryptocurrency awareness.  

Each girl represents a different cryptocurrency, with each coin’s respective logo displayed prominently on the girls’ masks.  These coins include popular choices you might expect, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, Ripple, NEM, NEO, and Bitcoin Cash, along with the lesser known MonaCoin, a Litecoin fork that’s quite popular in Japan.

Their first song, “The Moon, Virtual Currency, and Me,”  was released January 7th on the One Hundred Constellation’s Youtube channel .  The girls made their concert debut on January 12th, singing to live audiences about the dangers of fraudulent ICOs, the importance of account security, and other informative tid-bits about the cryptocurrency space.

According to the group’s website, they’re not out to encourage cryptocurrency investing, but rather, to give exposure to what they believe is a budding technological revolution:

“It seems that greed precedes and ignores the technology and potential of [cryptocurrencies],” the website states.  “That is why we intend to promote entertainment that virtual currency is not a tool of speculation but a technology that creates a wonderful future.”

Emphasizing this point further, they claim that they do not “encourage speculation or investment.”  Instead, they are “a unit that carefully selects future currencies from a number of virtual currencies and spreads correct knowledge in entertainment.”

“Although we are still immature,” they conclude,  “we will do our best to study every day and serve you a lot, thank you!”

And they are certainly a young bunch.  As detailed on their website, the Virtual Currency Girls’ oldest member is only 22, while their youngest is just 15.

Fittingly, the pop collective sells tickets and merchandise exclusively for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and member salaries are paid for in these cryptocurrencies, as well.

The virtual Currency Girl’s January 12th debut garnered heaps of international and domestic media attention. The event invited coverage from “many domestic media, including WEB media, TBS and TV Asahi,” the group posts on their website, “as well as overseas major media such as Reuters, Financial Times and AFP communication.”

Featured image from YouTube/TRT World .