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Blockchain Advertising Platform Sees Micro-Payments Made Possible By Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:52 PM
Justin OConnell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:52 PM

Mass Network wants to transform internet advertising. The startup is now under the new leadership of Alexander Kuzmin, Bitcoin advocate and CEO of Mycelium. The software will be released in March of 2017.

“Despite years of efforts and billions of dollars invested targeting remains relatively lackluster,” said Mass Network Chief Operating Officer Alexey Oshchepkov. “But that road will never end. It’ll be getting better forever because there’s no such thing as ‘perfect targeting’ since it can always be better.” The Mass Project wants to play a ‘modest role’ in helping improve how advertisers find their target audience.

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“Alexander Kuzmin brings much expertise and talent from the bitcoin space into the Mass team,” he said. “The Mass adblock plugin for Chrome is available.” Mass launched an Initial Coin Offering that ends in December.

“Mass deploys modern tools to increase efficiency but does this with an explicitly balanced notion of complexity and purpose,” Oshchepkov said. Mass Coin is a once-issued virtual currency that uses the Bitcoin blockchain as transport, and its value depends solely on the market forces of supply and demand.

The Mass website explains how the network will grow.  “Webmasters will have to accommodate Mass users as their numbers grow. The Mass platform gives them the ability to pay you for your data in a transparent way at a market-determined price.” Poor ad targeting has been an issue for online advertisers.

Oshchepkov told CCN.com: “Every party in the game acts unfairly in the case of ad-blocking. Ad-blockers take advantage of the resources that are paid for by other people.”

Webmasters,according to the Mass Network COO,  don’t care enough about user privacy which often allows third parties to gather more data than they should be able. Or user divulge the information freely.

“Advertisers cheat with data tracking too,” he said. “In business, there will always be conflicts. This is what makes progress and solution-generating ideas win-out. We aren’t trying to ‘change the world’ so much as to simply make what we think is a better system.” The value of Mass will be judged by users, webmasters, and advertisers, themselves, he says.

Oshchepkov says online advertising benefits large networks. “It is a typical oligopoly,” he says. “There’s nothing wrong or unexpected about that. Mass doesn’t aim to change the balance of money.”

Mass Network uses Bitcoin,as a protocol and a settlement layer. Mass Network tokens will “ride” the Bitcoin protocol.

“We just need assets to be exchanged at the least possible cost,” Oshchepkov said. The best solution provider for this is the Bitcoin blockchain, naturally.”

Oshchepkov Adds: “I personally do not see any injustice in the fact that users do not get money for their data now. Mass is not about taking money from rich and giving it to poor. It’s about letting free markets exist in places for the benefit of all parties involved.”