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Las Vegas Club Installs Bitcoin ATM, Records Memberships on Blockchain

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:55 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:55 PM
The London Keyes Edition bitcoin ATM at the Legends Club.

Mixing up bitcoin with gentlemanly entertainment has been a popular idea, judging by the traffic at the recently-opened Legends Club in Las Vegas. To Peter Klamka, a bitcoin entrepreneur, it only seemed a natural location for a bitcoin ATM.

But Klamka went a step further. He has branded a bitcoin ATM in the club with one of its strippers. The Legends Room debuted the first adult star branded ATM with its London Keyes Edition Bitcoin two-way ATM.

In 2015, Klamka, who operates his ATMs under the company name Bitcoin Direct, LLC, placed a bitcoin ATM in a Las Vegas mixed martial arts studio, One Kick Nick’s Mixed Martial Arts Gym.

A Natural Fit

When the Legends Club recently opened as the first gentleman’s club to accept bitcoin, it only seemed natural for a bitcoin ATM, given bitcoin’s popularity with the MMA community that is closely allied with the Legend’s Club.

Club executive and UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar has assembled MMA fighters as members, hosts and friends.

The porn star ATM is Klamka’s first branded ATM since he branded Mike Tyson’s ATMs. Klamka, who currently operates five ATMs, is also considering branding sports and celebrity ATMs.

“The goal is to create a niche product for businesses that want or need these ATMs as an attraction to drive business,” Klamka told CCN.com. “We’ve seen people want to take pictures next to them.”

“I also think branded ATMs of any kind will bring new audiences and new users to digital currency,” he said. “Nick Blomgren (who runs the Legends Club as well as the mixed martial arts studio) and some of these performers are more willing to experiment and test ideas.”

“It is similar to branded slot machines that are everywhere in Vegas and in casinos in general,” Klamka said. “Longer term, it will encourage business to test and embrace digital currency as they see the benefits such as no charge backs and lower transaction fees.”

Strip Clubs And Bitcoin

The Legends Room is the first strip club in the country and possibly the world to accept bitcoin in addition to traditional payments for all club services, according industry expert Arnold Snyder of Topless Vegas Online.

The company is negotiating a seven-figure purchase of membership tokens by a publicly-traded corporation, and has fielded inquiries to host various events ranging from celebrity afterparties to corporate dinners during conventions.

The company has had offers for expansion to clubs outside of Las Vegas, club merchandising and for television and film uses.

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As an innovator in the blockchain space, the Legends Room is bringing the idea of membership and fractional ownership to Las Vegas night clubs.

Part of the club is designated as a members-only area. Memberships will be registered using blockchain technology, allowing owners to rent their memberships like real estate.

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