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Do Increased Social Media Mentions Boost Price Gains in Social Crypto-Assets?

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:56 PM
Justin OConnell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:56 PM

Blockchain analyst Chris Burniske noted  a peculiar aspect of the crypto-asset world recently. “Burst of Facebook activity prior to 2 Dogecoin recent run. DOGE = equals one of the more socially geared crypto-assets.”

Mr. Burniske’s comment underscores the importance to DOGE’s value of being culturally relevant. It caught on in the mainstream in some ways before Bitcoin. After all, it did send the Jamaican Bobsled team to the Olympics.

But, these days, what is the nature of DOGE mentions on Facebook? Searching on Facebook doesn’t elicit much substance these days regarding DOGE, other than that it, like cryptocurrencies across the board, is increasing in price. There are no upcoming Facebook event mentions on Facebook, most of the mentions that pop up on a Facebook search (albeit Facebook’s search functionality seems lacking) stem from 2014.

To be sure, many champions of DOGE don’t see it as a novelty coin, but a coin with true merit. “Doge is more decentralized than ETH. The developers of Doge never compromised their decentralization principles,” wrote The Decentralized Maximalist on Facebook on March 4 in a statement also disparaging of Ethereum. “Doge never compromised their principles to save their own skins. They never promised promises they couldn’t deliver.”

Most of the mentions across Facebook about DOGE relate to faucets, websites that give away digital currency when one fulfills mundane tasks. On Twitter, there is not much action other than notes about price increase like Mr. Burniske’s and, filed under #DOGE, pictures of cute dogs. The Dogecoin Reddit forum does reveal an Atlanta-based hip hop artist, who recently teamed up with a Norwegian producer.

“Yes folks. I may have made history, Geechi Dan writes on Reddit. “I am and or would be the first ever hip hop artist to accept Dogecoin as donations in exchange for my mixtape. My name is Geechi Dan. I am a hip hop artist from Atlanta. I teamed up with a Norwegian producer by the name of Vizcatia. Now I always said Vizcatia is like the “white” DJ Premier. When I say this guy has a classic ear for sound, I meant it.”

He added : “We spoke different languages so we had to use Google translate to communicate. But what would come out of us deciding to make a collaboration was a mixtape you would think came straight of 1995. Check out “Smoking Cigs” by Vizcatia and Geechi Dan. Check out the donation link if you like what you hear. The mixtape is absolutely free, but Dogecoin makes it a great way to easily support good music.”

Top Airport Parking, which offers discounted parking spots for $3.99 a day near Denver International Airport, began accepting bitcoin, Dogecoin and about 50 other types of digital payments recently.

Steem, a digital currency based on a blogging platform that might also be considered “more socially geared”, has also enjoyed increased discussion Twitter, where, according to popular cryptocurrency analysis website CryptoCompare, increasing numbers of statuses have been made about STEEM as the price increased. A cursory review shows many of the mentions relate to individuals sharing their own blog posts they’ve posted to Steemit platform. 

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