Imogen Heap talks Blockchain in Disrupt Conference

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December 14, 2015 5:51 AM UTC
Author: Matt Meador

Empowering artists through the blockchain is something that has reached an international audience. Informing a global audience about the advantages of the blockchain far outweigh the negative publicity that it has received.

In a TechCrunch interview at a Disrupt conference in London, Imogen Heap gives a detailed description of her MiMu gloves used in performances, but also a very real idea of future practices for artists- music that is- using the blockchain revolution that, she says “will fully blossom next year-2016.”

Public awareness has been characterized with pros and cons on the topic of blockchain technology and its effectiveness. Imogen describes the blockchain as an innovative form of, “building a system of fairness.”

Imogen expresses that the blockchain will, “empower the artists to have more leverage over their work.” Acknowledging that the middle man is cut out from transactions because of past experiences in the music industry- there is room for expressive thinkers to determine how they can use the blockchain. Read here for additional detail on the blockchain and Imogen’s vision.

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Having experience with data and blockchain technology, Imogen acknowledges that blockchain technology is a sustainable form of maintaining transparency and is a revolutionary event gripping the world. Avid with data because learning to play the pianola, Imogen promotes that, “data is vibrant”- making sure to highlight its fairness for anyone to obtain what they are looking for. There is a reason to “build a database”, Imogen says. By limiting other players involved with the music industry, contract work can be set up inside the blockchain.

Imogen’s frame of reference is the blockchain is, “For the common good- what it should be for”. Putting artists into the blockchain will allow “people to grow through information.” Current technology brings the world to music, and there is a process that will permit artists to truly create an industry that allows them to grow, but generate something for the common good.

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