Hyperledger Blockchain Project Sees 10 New Members including Blockstream & Bloq

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April 1, 2016 4:37 PM UTC

The open-source Hyperledger Project led by the Linux Foundation sees 10 new members joining the initiative. The blockchain endeavor also sees the filling of key leadership positions in a recent announcement.

In a recent announcement, the Hyperledger Project revealed 10 new companies that joined the blockchain endeavor. The companies include a number of bitcoin- and blockchain-centric startups such as Blockstream, Bloq, Gem, and itBit, among others.

The ten new companies that are joining the open-source blockchain effort are:

  • Bitcoin blockchain development startup Blockstream, a company formed by a group of core Bitcoin developers.
  • Bloq, a blockchain-based solutions provider founded by Bitcoin Core developer Jeff Garzik.
  • Gem, a blockhain-platform solutions provider.
  • itBit, a bitcoin exchange and financial services provider.
  • Milligan Partners, a consulting firm that is engaged in operations like electronic tolling and cash collection and reconciliation.
  • Montran Labs, a payment systems solutions provider
  • Ribbit.me, a digital wallet rewards program firm supported by blockchain technology.
  • Tequa Creek Holdings, an IP rights firm
  • Thomson Reuters, one of the foremost global news services.

The Hyperledger Project deems itself to be a “collaborative effort to establish, build and sustain” the development and inception of an open, distributed ledger in a varied range of real-world scenarios across different industries.

In statements, Dr. Adam Back, President at Blockstream stated:

Blockchain technology is at the bleeding edge of computer science and ushers in a new paradigm of programmable trust.

Matthew Roszak, co-founder of Bloq added:

Blockchain technology impacts every aspect of business – commerce, trading, security, to name a few. By developing this critical technology in an open source community, we’re able to collaborate, innovate and advance the technology to meet growing enterprise demands.

New Appointments

Several prominent appointments were made, all of whom were elected member voting by the Board of Directors and the Technical Steering Committee.

Notably, the chair of the Board of Directors now sees Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset Holdings. The Technical Steering Committee Chair sees the appointment of Chris Ferris, CTO of open technology at IBM.

Speaking about the collective representation of those from the blockchain industry in an open-source project, Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin stated:

There is no other effort advancing an open blockchain with this level of broad industry representation and level of leadership.

Furthermore, Zemlin revealed that the Hyperledger project is among the “fastest growing” initiatives within the Linux Foundation.

“The opportunity is great,” he claimed, before adding,” This leadership team and the community investments among members across industries put the project in the best position possible to accomplish its mission.”

The Hyperledger Project was first revealed toward the end of December as the first of its kind open-source blockchain project led by a collective of private firms and companies. It soon came to light that the Linux Foundation would be leading and overseeing the project with an open governance model among its members.

With the most recent announcement of 10 new members joining in, the Hyperledger Project now contains a total of 40, including the original 30 founding members.

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