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First Bitcoin Capital Corp. Signs Evaluation Pact With Emercoin, Will Promote Its Technology

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. , which bills itself as the first vertically-integrated, publicly-traded bitcoin entity, has signed an evaluation agreement with Emercoin International Development Group to provide distributed blockchain services for business and personal use. First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is a Vancouver, Canada-based mining company holding concessions in gold in Venezuela and is working on a variety of bitcoin projects.

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. released a statement announcing it has signed evaluation agreements to promote Emercoin technology for the following blockchain-based technologies:
• EMC/SSH – A secure shell management system needed by every site administrator.
• EMC/DNS – An uncensored domain name system, peering with OpenNIC.
• EMC/LNX – A decentralized pay-per-click advertising network.
• EMC/SSL – A system for passwordless authentication on the World Wide Web.
• Info/Card – Storage for electronic business cards for use with EMCSSL.
• EMC/TTS – Trusted storage for digital time stamps on the blockchain.
• MAGNET – A distributed torrent tracker for Internet file sharing.
• EMC/DPO – A digital proof-of-ownership solution for physical or digital goods and services.

First Bitcoin Capital is also considering investing in Emercoin to support its global market expansion.

What Makes Emercoin Different

Emercoin is a unique cryptocurrency because it is using blockchain for more purposes than transferring credit values, said Oleg Khovayko, Emercoin lead developer. “We consider Emercoin as a technological platform for distributed, censorship–proof and scalable services,” Khovayko said. “So we developed a suite of services running on top of the Emercoin blockchain that will be very useful for a lot of companies and even private persons.”

A spokesperson for First Bitcoin Capital Corp. said the company is excited to evaluate and possibly invest in Emercoin, especially in light of its recent partnership with Microsoft Corp. to deliver its blockchain services to the Azure cloud’s Blockchain-as-a-Service marketplace, also known as BaaS Platform.

First Bitcoin Capital Steps Forward

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is also developing the following digital assets:
• www.CoinQX.com, an online cryptocurrency exchange.
• www.BITessentials.com, an online shopping mall allowing multiple vendors to place their products for sale using cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Capital Corp. has partnered with GoCoin a global platform for enabling merchants to accept blockchain currency payments including bitcoin and altcoins Litecoin, Dogecoin and Tether.
• www.iCOINews.com, a cryptocurrency news aggregator platform.
• www.BITminer.cc, offering mining equipment for cryptocurrency miners.

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is also planning to introduce a bitcoin travel agency and a bitcoin ATM franchise, according to its website.

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Emercoin Continues To Innovate

Emercoin launched in 2013 as a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency based on bitcoin, Namecoin and Peercoin technologies. It utilizes proof-of-stake, proof-of-work and mining.

Emercoin recently partnered with Microsoft to become a member of the Azure marketplace. It has developed a robust suite of solutions for business and consumer use. Emercoin will deliver its blockchain services into the Azure cloud later this year.

Azure cloud users will be able to install and use Emercoin’s services such as network security, identity, digital proof-of-ownership, passwordless authentication on the Internet, a distributed advertising network, and e-commerce solutions such as a secure micropayment service.

Emercoin introduced a set of features for the banking sector in May of 2014, CCN.com reported. These features have been designed to help facilitate the secure trade and operations of digital property. The features include digital proof-of-ownership, a mechanism which excludes the possibility of fraud in payments, allowing simultaneous transfer (with alienation) of any digital assets. It also allows the setup of electronic trades and auctions without the need of third-party escrow services.

In May 2015, Emercoin released details of a new blockchain technology, EMCSSL, CCN.com reported. The system provides passwordless logins and identity management via its blockchain. The technology has been designed to solve many of the login and authentication issues that plague the Internet.

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