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Czech Institute Enables Bitcoin as Payment for Tuition Fees

Samburaj Das
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:47 PM

CEVRO, a Czech institute based in Prague focusing on political studies including Law, economics, politics and security will now begin accepting bitcoin as payment for tuition fees for three of its Masters’ programs.

The CEVRO institute in the Czech Republic has begun accepting bitcoin as a tuition fee for its Masters’ programmes in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).

Within the program, students can pay in bitcoin for specializing in three diverse courses: Studies of Transition, Austrian Economics and International Politics.

An announcement  posted on the Institute’s website reads:

Starting today, you can pay your tuition for CEVRO Institute’s PPE master’s program in bitcoins.

We are among the first universities in the world which offer this choice to their students. We are proud to be among such schools as British King’s College or the University of Cumbria.

Furthermore, CEVRO is the first institute in the Czech Republic to offer a master’s PPE program to be taught entirely in English. The program also recruits professors from Europe and the United States.

The tuition costs from the programs for designated “home students” in the Czech Republic and neighboring Slovakia is €4,500. For international students, the costs can go up to €8,400.

Speaking about the foray into accepting bitcoin as means for students to pay for tuition fees, Prof Josef Šíma, president of the institute and its PPE Director, stated:

We do not want to merely teach about the beauty of markets, modern technologies and innnvoation, we want to be innovators ourselves. We want [to] actively used modern technologies and offer our students new opportunities [with new] technologies made available.

Notably, the University of Cumbria is known to be the first of its kind to accept tuition fees in Bitcoin, as early as in January 2014.

CCN.com reported on it at the time, with the British University accepting Bitcoin for two separate classes, via BitPay.

 Images from Facebook/CEVRO Institute .