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Cristiano Ronaldo Sets Another Record, but Protége Rashford is Coming

Laurence Watt
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:24 PM
  • A Ronaldo double helped fire Juventus to the top of Serie A with a win over Udinese on Sunday.
  • The two goals mean the 34-year-old has set another incredible record.
  • Young hotshot Marcus Rashford has been compared to the Portuguese winger and has a better goal-scoring record at Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo helped shoot Juventus back to the top of the Serie A table on Sunday. 

The Portuguese star scored twice in a 3-1 home win over Udinese.

Although the victory was cause for celebration in Turin, Ronaldo will also be jubilant about another feat.

Ronaldo sets Another Record 

The two goals mean Ronaldo now has 11 goals in 19 appearances for Juventus this season.

This sets a goalscoring landmark for Ronaldo, who is now the only player in Europe’s top five leagues to score more than ten goals in all competitions in each of the last 15 seasons. 

The accomplishment sent social media into frenzy over whether this stat proves Ronaldo truly is the G.O.A.T

Ronaldo tweet 2
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Ronaldo’s ability to continue smashing and setting records past his twenties is incredulous. Since turning 30, he has netted 220 club goals  – which is more than Harry Kane, Antoine Griezmann and Mo Salah have scored during their entire careers. 

But like all professional athletes, age will soon catch up with Ronaldo. And at 34-years-old, history suggests that time isn’t far away. David Beckham retired at 38, Diego Maradona at 37, and Pelé at 36. 

So who are the rising stars looking to break Ronaldo’s records? Well, one young striker has already got a head start – and just like Ronaldo before him, he’s a Manchester United forward. 

The Rise of Marcus Rashford 

Marcus Rashford has been a light for Manchester United during two dark seasons. 

Brought in by former United boss Louis van Gaal three years ago, the now 22-year-old has become one of United’s most reliable forwards.

Rashford has 13 goals in all competitions this season , the most of all United players. He also played a crucial role in leading United to major wins over league rivals Tottenham and Manchester City this month.

But perhaps most impressive, Rashford has outperformed Ronaldo  in some notable areas. 

During their first 127 games for United, Rashford has scored three more goals than Ronaldo . And that’s despite starting eight fewer games, playing 814 fewer minutes and taking fewer shots.

You can check out the breakdown of the stats here:

Ronaldo vs Rashford
Source: The Mail Online 

The Similarities Between Ronaldo and Rashford

In addition to outscoring Ronaldo, some have suggested Rashford is replicating Ronaldo’s shooting technique.

In October, Rashford put away a dazzling free-kick against rivals Chelsea during a 2-1 win in the Football League Cup. The “knuckle” technique used is similar to the type Ronaldo helped make famous years ago.


Rashford has also been compared to Ronaldo  by his manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. During a press conference last week, the United coach said it’s “easy to compare” the two because of the likeness in their “skills, body shape, attitude, and attributes.”

Of course, Rashford has years to go before reaching the status of players like Ronaldo. But, if Manchester United are able to bolster their midfield during the January transfer window, perhaps Rashford will be able to improve an already incredible season. 

12 years is a long distance between the young United forward and the seasoned Juventus attacker, but it’s also plenty of time to break and set more records – for both players.