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Craig Wright Rants About Why Satoshi ‘F*cking’ Abandoned Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM
Mark Emem
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM

By CCN.com: Even as he sues his critics left, right, and center over their refusal to recognize him as Satoshi Nakamoto, self-declared Bitcoin creator Craig Wright continues to drop bombshells that ignite even more controversy.

Speaking during a Bitcoin Wednesday  event in Amsterdam, the Bitcoin SV figurehead indicated that the only reason he outed himself as Satoshi Nakamoto was to right what had gone wrong with his alleged creation:

“Part of why I f*cking disappeared was to have things not controlled, and I have to come back to control things, to get it f*cking not controlled, that’s the freaking irony of this sh*t.”

In Wright’s view, Bitcoin’s fundamental protocol changes –  real or imagined – contributed to the risk of centralization. This is because protocol changes will require leadership. Inevitably, this means giving someone undue power, and this comes with its own risks.


Craig Wright: I Abandoned Bitcoin in 2011 to Avoid Becoming a Target

Per Wright, “when you put someone at the top, then you have a target.” He explained that the fear of becoming a target made Satoshi abandon the project in 2011. Said Wright:

“I didn’t want that. I wanted not to be the target.”

Despite Wright’s constant efforts to be recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto, he will likely be dismissed just as before. The first time he was linked to the Satoshi Nakamoto identity came in a December 2015 Wired  article.

Then, the publication suggested that the Australian was probably the mysterious and pseudonymously named creator of Bitcoin. The article was based on information that was later discovered to have been leaked by Craig Wright himself. Wired has since then said that it “no longer believes Wright is likely to be the creator of Bitcoin.”

Critics Allege Craig Wright Contradicted Known Statements from Bitcoin’s Actual Creator

Unfortunately, during the Bitcoin Wednesday event, Wright planted even more doubts about his credibility. For instance, he confessed that he was a mediocre programmer, stating that his coding skills are “sh*t.”

Additionally, he said that he is an “academic coder” who has no idea about “real world coding.” This, he disclosed, had resulted in him not “being let near code in the [nChain] office anymore.” Critics allege that stands in stark contrast to what is publicly known about the real Bitcoin creator.

In a 2008 cryptography mailing list, Nakamoto explained  that he was a better programmer than a communicator. Specifically, he said, “I’m better with code than with words though.” This would seem to contradict Wright’s claim that he is poor at coding or not interested in it at all.

Wright also says that he prefers to hire coders rather than do the work himself. During the early stages, Nakamoto himself was active in the Bitcoin software development process. Critics would likely count this as another contradiction.

Will the Real Satoshi Nakamoto Please Stand Up?

Additionally, the real Satoshi Nakamoto’s libertarian streaks seemed to be missing from Wright’s speech. This became apparent in his tirade against cryptocurrency developers:

“People want to make this thing that they say will get around government. You don’t do it by walking to a government official and kicking him in the f*cking nuts. I’m sorry. You do not make a system that will change the world by fighting the big bad gorilla and kicking him in the f*cking nuts.”

While Craig Wright has muddied the waters on the identity of Satoshi, the wait for the truth may soon be over – at least if the gotsatoshi.com website is to be believed. According to the site, Satoshi Nakamoto will be unveiled on May 14.