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Coinify Teams With Hong Kong Provider To Offer Blockchain Payments To Asian Merchants

Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:47 PM

Coinify, a Denmark-based blockchain currency payment provider, has partnered with a Hong Kong payment service called iPayDNA International to offer blockchain payments to merchants in Asia, allowing merchants to accept 17 blockchain-based currencies, including bitcoin. Coinify also recently partnered with a Vietnamese bitcoin exchange.

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The agreement allows Coinify to offer its blockchain merchant processing service to merchants in a region where iPayDNA holds a dominant market position.

iPayDNA’s merchants will be able to accept 17 blockchain currencies including bitcoin in a secure environment and receive payouts in local currency to their bank accounts within a few days.

“We are thrilled about teaming up with iPayDNA. Being a company native to the Asia-Pacific region, they have the best understanding of local merchants needs and at the same time being a company with an international mindset, they perfectly match the qualities we look for in our business partners,” said Morten Bebe, Coinify’s sales manager.

Asia-Pacific Leads In E-Commerce

The Asia-Pacific region has more than 60% of the world’s population and accounts for almost 75% of global payment transactions, Coinify noted in a press release. The region also holds the highest share of e-commerce in GDP.

Bebe said more customers are seeking alternative and secure payment methods.

“Besides these strong indicators of the potential that blockchain payments have in the area, we are pleased about opportunities contributing to the infrastructure and supporting the digital currency adoption process,” he said.

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One Stop For Online Merchants

The partnership’s value proposition is to act as a one-stop center for online merchants by providing the most card and non-card payment options, said Guan Seow, managing director at iPayDNA.

By offering a broad selection of blockchain currencies via Coinify, iPayDNA’s merchants can further benefit from this variety. “All iPayDNA’s customers, who are open to embrace blockchain currencies as their new alternative payment methods, can do so now, safely and with ease,” Seow said.

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