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BTCC Launches New USD/Bitcoin Exchange

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:52 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:52 PM

BTCC has launched a new BTC/USD exchange designed in collaboration with leading bitcoin traders, featuring industry-leading rates and a multi-tier referral program to maximize passive income.

Bobby Lee, BTCC CEO, said BTCC USD Exchange is the most accessible bitcoin exchange ever developed. “We consolidated, crystallized, and applied customer feedback from our five years of operation to create the ideal exchange — one that is easy to use and access, with an intuitive interface that creates an effortless trading experience,” he said.

Special Features

The new exchange has a fast trading engine, FIX APIs, and a multi-tier referral program, in which customers can get up to 33 percent of referees’ trading fees.

Samson Mow, BTCC’s chief operating officer, said a lot of time was spent working to create a high-performance platform that gives excellent service for both retail and professional traders. “Also, one of our major focuses in developing the exchange was ensuring that we offer customers convenient funding options, including credit cards and more,” he noted.

Rather than reducing fees for liquidity providers like most bitcoin exchanges do, the exchange’s maker-taker model pays makers — those customers placing limit orders that add to the bid or ask in the order book — 0.05 percent of the order’s value.

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Traders Paid To Add Liquidity

The exchange is the only bitcoin spot exchange paying traders for adding liquidity to the order book.

Mikael Wang, chief technology officer, said additional order types, trading pairs and other features are planned.

BTCC is also working with Blockstream to test and deploy the Liquid sidechain, allowing traders to move funds between BTCC and other participating exchanges immediately.

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