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Blocksafe Builds out Gun Safety Blockchain, Will Host Second Crowdsale

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM

Blocksafe, a blockchain-based system that provides secure access, personal monitoring and control of “smart” guns, will use Lisk sidechain technology to build out its blockchain and will issue a new token for use on that chain called “Trigger” (TRIG). Lisk is a public blockchain platform that provides decentralized blockchain apps.

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Smart guns have embedded computers to enhance safety by preventing anyone other than authorized parties from firing the weapons.

Smart Guns Controversial

Smart guns have, nonetheless been controversial within the gun industry. Some gun enthusiasts see such guns as a step towards gun control, while others think the security technology to date is unreliable.

Kevin Barnes, founder and CEO of Blocksafe, maintains a blockchain-based system provides the ability to enable, disable, track and secure firearms without any centralized control or reporting. Blocksafe is primarily a software-based project, providing the infrastructure to support the smart-device hardware that manufacturers and 3D print projects use to enhance the safety and defense capabilities of firearms, Barnes told CCN.com.

A Firearms Access Revolution

“Blocksafe represents a revolution in managing access to firearms through the creation of a blockchain for smart gun technology,” said Barnes. “This will allow for gun owners to secure, manage and control access to who can use their firearms, disabling stolen weapons, while maintaining a decentralized database that has no central point of failure or control.”

Barnes believes Blocksafe brings improved security and privacy to every type of supported gun technology hardware.

If an unauthorized user tries to use a gun in the Blocksafe network, the network notifies the owner via smartphone.

A user gains access to a firearm through a smartphone app or through the web portal at www.blocksafe.network. The device gains access via a token ID assigned to the device from an API call. Blocksafe will provide SDK, API and support for other manufacturers.

Triggers Validate Ledger Data

“Combining blockchain technology and IoT (Internet of Things) creates a ‘machine to machine’ economy,” Barnes said.

The smart device requires Triggers tokens to store data on the ledger. Triggers tokens will work with smart gun technologies, including locks, magazines and other hardware such as third-party and user-created hardware that can be manufactured or 3D printed.

“The Triggers tokens are used to reward or compensate the validation of data written to the ledger,” Barnes said.

New Crowdsale Begins

To fund this project, the Blockchain Foundation will conduct a 28-day crowdsale, starting Thursday, Sept. 8, at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time . Triggers can be traded with other cryptocurrencies after the sale.

One third of the 100 million Triggers that will be created will be offered for sale during the crowdsale, which will be co-hosted by Bittrex, the largest alternative cryptocurrency exchange.

This marks the second crowdsale since the first crowdsale in July. The July crowdsale was successful since it attracted interest, support and exposure for the project, Barnes told CCN.com. “However, we realized that we needed a traditional token sale since the traditional Kickstarter-style rewards were not as compelling to investors as a tradeable token,” he said.

The crowdsale will run for 28 days with a first-day bonus of 20 percent and accelerating price throughout the sale.

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