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BitPay Rolls out Wallet App for Windows Phone with Prepaid Visa Debit Card Integration

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:57 PM

BitPay has introduced a wallet app for the Windows phone that integrates with the BitPay prepaid Visa debit card, the company announced on its website . Users can use the app to manage their bitcoin finances in one secure, open source venue. The app integrates the security and simplicity of the Copay wallet with the company’s consumer payments ecosystem, particularly the prepaid Visa debit card.

BitPay claims its Copay wallet, launched in the Windows Store in 2015, is the most popular bitcoin wallet on the Windows phone platform, and many users have been requesting a wallet phone app ever since.

The company also noted the wallet app is one of the few bitcoin wallet apps available for the Windows phone.

Microsoft Continues Its Support

Integrating the wallet with the Windows phone marks the latest in BitPay’s efforts on behalf of Microsoft users. Microsoft added BitPay’s Bitcore bitcoin development platform to its Azure cloud service platform in 2015.

In 2014, Microsoft was among the best-known companies accepting bitcoin payments for its products, using BitPay for Xbox payments and other online Windows Store purchases.

Microsoft has also maintained a commitment to blockchain technology and smart contracts. The company is making the BitPay wallet the foundation for future smart contract projects, in addition to becoming an addition to the Windows phone app ecosystem.

Ashok Misra, who oversees PCI compliance for Microsoft’s web properties, said it is clear Microsoft has entered an “inflection point” with cryptocurrency where it can expect more stability and major growth in market capitalization, while speaking at the recent Merchant Payments Ecosystem conference on a discussion on the state of bitcoin payments.

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Convert Bitcoin To Dollars

Users of BitPay’s recently introduced payment app can convert bitcoin into dollars using the BitPay Visa prepaid debit card and buy or sell bitcoin on exchanges. These integrations offer bitcoin users a way to bridge their traditional and digital finances without leaving BitPay.

Most services offering such features require users to store bitcoin in company managed accounts that are vulnerable to security breaches. BitPay app users, however, keep full control of their funds at all times with multi-device authentication, device-based private keys and simple fund backup flows. An onboarding flow and user education help to make secure storage of bitcoin accessible to bitcoin beginners.