BitGo Under DDoS Attack; Wirex Advises Customers Not To Use Platform

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Wirex, a bitcoin debit card provider, sent an email to customers today advising them to avoid making transactions on the Wirex platform until it could confirm from that BitGo services have been resumed. The message included a BitGo tweet advising users it was under a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

BitGo is a wallet and a security platform for bitcoin and blockchain technologies.

“We, therefore, recommend to avoid making any transactions via E-Coin/Wirex platform until confirmation from BitGo that the services have been resumed,” the Wirex email noted.

The BitGo tweet stated: “We apologize for the issue, but we’re under DDOS attack at this moment. We’re working on it and will keep you updated.”

Wirex is a wallet service that provides both physical and virtual bitcoin debit cards. Wirex users were able to send bitcoin from within the BitGo Instant network.

BitGo Offers Instant Settlement

Wirex uses the BitGo Instant service, which provides immediate settlement of bitcoin transactions, reported in February.

There was nothing on the BitGo blog about the attack at the time of this report.

BitGo’s service eliminates the “double spend” potentiality in bitcoin transactions. The service is for users seeking instant bitcoin transactions while securing funds against the possibility that the sender will spend the money elsewhere before the transaction gets confirmed via the blockchain.

BitGo provides immediate transaction settlement using the crypto keys among participating users’ wallets.

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BitGo Gains A Following

Other cryptocurrency exchanges and apps offering BitGo Instant include Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Unocoin, Kraken and the Fold app.

There have been several DDoS attacks bitcoin wallets and exchanges in recent months.

Bitcoin and alt.coins exchange BTC-e suffered a DDoS attack in January. BTCC, the Shanghai, China-based digital currency exchange, suffered a DDoS attack at the end of last year. OkCoin, another exchange, was also the target of a DDoS attack in July.

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