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Bitcoin Will Scale Donald Trump’s Mexico-Remittance Wall

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:47 PM
Samburaj Das
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:47 PM

One of Donald Trump’s many campaign promises if he is elected President of the United States is a tall wall along the Mexico-U.S. border. Mexico is footing the bill, if it were up to the Donald. Refuse and Trump will put the brakes on the $24 billion remittance flow from U.S. to Mexico, his plan shows.

The legality and feasibility of such measures aside, the plan is simple enough, with one significant shortcoming.

If Trump wins the Presidency and somehow imposes a sweeping rule to legally block all remittance from the United States to Mexico, services such as Western Union, Xoom and other remittance providers will have to adhere. Such a blockade would have a profound effect on the families of millions of individuals who routinely save their money to then send it to their families beyond the southern border of the United States.


While turning the screws to pressure Mexico into sweating is part of the plan all along, there is a solution. A solution beyond regulation and state-imposed draconian measures. That solution, is Bitcoin.

To spread the word with a new campaign raising awareness of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency miner Genesis Mining has taken out billboards that can be spotted in California over the following weeks, as a part of its #ExploreBitcoin campaign.


Speaking to CCN.com, CEO & Co-Founder of Genesis Mining, Marco Streng shared details about the campaign.

We have 12 billboards going across the state of California and the campaign will last for the next 4 weeks.

In a nod to the bitcoin-banning bill being proposed in Russia, a blog post from Genesis Mining revealing the campaign read:

The solution would be Bitcoin because Bitcoin can’t be stopped. Not by Trump. Not by Putin. Not by anyone.

The key here is efficiency and functionality, the way Streng sees it. “It really all comes down to an awareness that users can save money and time,” he claimed.

If someone can save money, they don’t care if it’s Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Saving money and saving time is what people care about.

And therein lies the potential for Bitcoin to stake its claim in society. Even more-so, with a predicament wherein millions of people find themselves without the means to send money across the border.

“We need real use cases for Bitcoin. While there is lots of talk about the future of Bitcoin’s underlying technology, we need to find ways to demonstrate that Bitcoin can already be useful today,” he added.

And so it is, already. Bitcoin can be used for remittance beyond borders. Without excessive regulation and oversight. With or without Donald Trump’s wall.

Images from Genesis Mining.