Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex Announces New Reporting Tools for Users

Bitfinex has announced that launch of a new suite of reporting tools intended to help users gain greater control over their trades and give them useful insights into their activities on the platform.

In a blogpost on its website, Bitfinex revealed that the tools are designed to enable users gain unlimited insights by viewing as much of their account data as they want, through the removal of requested data limits.

New Additions

Bitfinex says that the UI of the new reporting tools is based on “modern web technology” with a focus on improving the presentation of data and boosting responsiveness across different user devices. Designed to be simple and accessible, the new toolkit permits users to easily and instantly compile an overview of required account information that may be as old as the account itself. Previously this was not possible due to the presence of requested data limits, but the new toolkit removes this limit, enabling Bitfinex users to observe or download their lifetime data on the platform.

An excerpt from the announcement reads:

“As institutions and professional traders enter the digital asset trading space, Bitfinex remains committed to creating the tools required to thoroughly meet their needs. We are of the belief that our suite of tools work to accelerate the rate of global adoption and help facilitate an increasingly mature market.”

Under the new reporting framework, Bitfinex users will be able to work offline, with their activities being recorded on a local database, which removes the need for a live internet connection in order to work with their account data. In addition, the entire toolkit is in the process of being converted in an open-source solution that offers the possibility of customizing tolls to fit individual users needs and submitting features.

Using the Bitfinex API, the new reporting suite now offers a field wallet added to end-point ‘ledgers’, giving information that identifies the wallet involved in movements. End-point ‘currencies’ are also added, which brings up a list of available currencies with id and full name. The end-point ‘userInfo’ is present too, bringing up information about the users profile, while end-points ‘accountTrades’, ‘orderHistory’, ‘fundingOfferHistory’, ‘fundingLoanHistory’ and ‘fundingCreditHistory’ have been changed, with a new option to return all the data without filtering by pair/coin when no pair/coin is sent.

In addition, the integration with authToken instead of apiKeys makes it possible for users to utilize the same tools locally and on the Bitfinex web platform.

In May, reported that Bitfinex obligates users to submit tax information and may share its own information with government. The new reporting suite comes at a time when more regulators around the world are increasingly looking toward crypto exchanges to stem the flow of crypto-aided tax evasion.

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Last modified: March 4, 2021 3:49 PM

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