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Bitcoin Continues to Gain As Crypto Markets Show Mixed Results

Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:58 PM

Bitcoin continued its upward pricing movement Friday, recovering from a temporary setback when bitcoin cash launched on Aug. 1.

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin’s price gained 3.86 percentage points in the last 24 hours, according to coinmarketcap.com. Bitcoin cash, by contrast, lost 34.56 points, by far the biggest loss of any of the top 50 cryptos during the 24-hour period.

Total market capitalization held at $101.808 billion on Friday, just below Thursday’s $101.8 billion after reaching $105 billion on Wednesday, a gain attributed to bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin continued its dominance of the total crypto market, commanding 46.49% compared to Ethereum’s 20.765%.


Ethereum lost 0.90% in the 24-hour period, having recently recovered after reaching the end of a month-long decline that went as low as $180 on July 29. Since then, the price has climbed more than $40 and stood at $223.70 on Friday.

Altcoins Show Mixed Results

Ripple, the number three crypto with a $6.667 billion market capitalization, lost 0.59 points in the 24-hour period, having fallen to $0.73878 since its May 21 peak of $0.354959.

Litecoin, number 5 behind bitcoin cash, was the first crypto besides bitcoin to post a gain in the 24-hour period, adding 1.69 points when the price reached $43.65, trying to reclaim its historic high of $53.60 on July 4.

NEM, number 6, lost 4.17 points when its price fell to $0.219427 after reaching $0.221481 earlier in the day, and having recently recovered from a low of $0.098956 on July 17. NEM had reached its historic high of $0.262118 on May 22.

Seventh-ranked Ethereum Classic lost 1.52 points when the price fell to $15.07, continuing a decline since reaching a $22.14 high on June 18.

Eighth-ranked Dash was the next crypto to gain in the period, grabbing 0.72 points. Dash has been struggling to regain the $222.53 high posted on July 6.

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IOTA Gains The Most

Ninth-ranked IOTA was the biggest winner of the day, gaining 21.44 points when the price reached $0.402056. The price has been riding a growth trend since bottoming out in mid-July at $0.160803.

Tenth-place Monero grabbed 1.34 points as the price reached $44.16 in a bid to reclaim the historic June 12 high of $49.79.