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Bitcoin Allows You to Buy 2016’s Most Anticipated Game

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:49 PM
Samburaj Das
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:49 PM

No Man’s Sky – arguably 2016’s most anticipated game , or at least a contender for the distinction – is seeing its developers accept bitcoin as a payment method to purchase the game, due to launch in August.

Integrating bitcoin is a no brainer for digital distribution platforms which are waking up to the realization that anyone, anywhere in the world can buy games, music or movies with the cryptocurrency (Netflix is hinting at it too).

In the gaming industry, PC gaming platform Steam’s acceptance of bitcoin as a payment method for some 125 million active users, earlier this year, was the biggest validation yet that the cryptocurrency is benefiting both the buyer and the seller.

Developers are starting to take notice too. Notably, the indie team behind the highly anticipated and upcoming PC and PS4 title No Man’s Sky has enabled bitcoin as a payment option for users looking to pre-order the game. While the game can be purchased using the cryptocurrency on Steam (for PC users), No Man’s Sky’s official website is also accepting bitcoin directly on its website.

The cryptocurrency is enabled alongside  traditional payment methods including payment cards and PayPal.

No Man's Sky Bitcoin

The hype surrounding No Man’s Sky is based on the promise that the game will offer something entirely unique and innovative. The adventure game is a science fiction aficionado’s dream, with a procedurally generated, endlessly expansive universe with 18 quintillion planets (pun gravy for mining observers) to explore.

NMS BlueSpace

NMS GalacticMap

NMS Monolith

PS4 owners are out of luck; they are required to buy the game via the PlayStation Store or conventional outlets like Amazon. Still, a bitcoin-enabled debit card will prove handy while buying PlayStation Store credit which can then be redeemed for a downloadable digital purchase of the game.

While game developers and publishers routinely sell games and products on their websites, bitcoin isn’t usually an option among the payment methods offered. It is perhaps only fitting that an indie developer behind an innovative game based on math and code , touted by some  as a game-changing  due to its innovation , is accepting bitcoin.

Images from No Man’s Sky.