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BBC Apprentice Winner Joins Blockchain ICO Humaniq

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:56 PM
Justin OConnell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:56 PM

An Apprentice winner has joined the blockchain startup world.

Tim Campbell now serves  on the the Board of Humaniq, a blockchain financial infrastructure which helps connect underserved markets to the global modern economy. Campbell has served  as an Ambassador to the London Mayor and a member of the Government’s Entrepreneur’s Forum, as well as a part of the Cabinet Office’s SME Panel.

Campbell’s appointment to Humaniq’s advisory board will see that he will sit alongside a Board of Directors including Alex Fork, Dinis Guarda and Dmitry Kaminskiy.

“Humaniq is a movement of tech for good and offering a simple and secure mobile banking app for the unbanked,” states Humaniq in a press release.

“Humaniq has the capacity to produce thousands of entrepreneurs in addition to numerous customers of tomorrow who are unbanked,” said Campbell. “I have always insisted that business has the power to bring about social change and Humaniq’s model of bringing financial instruments and education to the over two billion unbanked people around the world is the manifestation.”

Campbell will be responsible for discovering new regions for Humaniq, specifically with a focus on Africa. “The rationale for this focus comes after Campbell’s recent involvement as an invited guest speaker at the opening Enterprise Africa conference held in Accra, Ghana arranged by the British Council,” writes the company. “Throughout the duration of the journey Campbell was formally made known to a great number of inspiring companies and their founders as well as getting a glimpse of some of the underprivileged enclaves of Ghana. Observing how these two complete opposites existed at the same time in the same place in addition to the good work of the British Council giving guidance and assistance, Campbell was lead to explore how he could make a good impact in Ghana upon his arrival to the UK.”

Campbell was introduced recently to Humaniq CEO Dinis Guarda, and the two hit it off. “We welcome Tim and his captivating zeal and enthusiasm,” said Guarda. “Tim is a force of nature and he will be essential to assist us in developing the global DNA of the Humaniq organisation. He will be alongside our executive team working close to set a mark in underdeveloped and developing countries starting with Africa, with a special emphasis on Ghana. Also his knowledge in business and community building will be an asset for our dynamics”

Humaniq  develops blockchain fintech for “economy-excluded” sectors challenges. The startup first raised funds via a new innovative approach known as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), wherein many participants buy crypto-tokens representing a new form of share in an oftentimes blockchain (Ethereum) based company. 

“Doing this Humaniq wants to use innovative ways to build its community and leverage the power of digital currencies for social impact. Humaniq got to its crowd sale with more than 10,000 participants in the pre-seed investment round buying its HMQ coin crypto-currency that can be done both with Bitcoin and Ether,” writes the company.

So far the organization has reached $4M in the last two weeks. The campaign finishes on April 27th, according to Humaniq.

Campbell won the first series of the British version of The Apprentice, which appeared on BBC TV reality show. Contests battled it out for a  £100,000-a-year job working for businessman Alan Sugar.

Campbell graduated from Middlesex University with a degree in psychology, and worked as a Senior Planner with the Strategy and Service Development (formally marketing and planning) directorate of the London Underground before appearing on The Apprentice.

Campbell was hired by Sugar’s company Amstrad on a £100,000 salary. He first marketed an anti-wrinkle device.

Campbell stayed on at Amstrad’s job past his original 12-month contract. In March 2007, after two years at the company, he left to set up Bright Ideas Trust, set up to help give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a business with equity funding and advice from business angels. Lord Alan called Campbell a “great asset.”  In 2016, Campbell co-founded Marketing Runners Ltd with Derin Cag,a bespoke digital marketing agency in London.

The Humaniq’s blockchain token will be traded on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, which is always an important measure of liquidity for a token derived from an ICO.

“This is just the start,” said Humaniq founder Alex Fork in a press release. “We trust these exchanges, as they have a very good reputation. This is very beneficial to the people who have participated in our crowdsale, and will begin the establishment of our post-ICO token value. Our focus is to create value for the over 10.000 people who participated our ICO. So far we reached over BTC 3484,6 the equivalent of 4 334 136.77 USD at the moment”.

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