AuthorTim Lloyd

Tim Lloyd is a financial journalist and AML subject matter expert, specializing in regulatory technology, blockchain ecosystems, information security, and risk. He covers fintech innovation and the growing symbiosis between money laundering and cybercrime. His work has appeared in the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and VentureBeat, among other publications.

Exit Scam: Suspicion Grows Over Dark-Web Market's $30 Million Crypto Theft

Dark web,

By Just one month after a coordinated global law enforcement operation executed a sweeping takedown of dark web drug dealers, rumors are swirling that a popular dark-net market has allegedly attempted a major exit scam. According to a thread on the Dread Forum, a Reddit-like website for dark web users, Wall Street Market (WSM) has likely exit scammed, absconding with as much as $30...

Bezos Sext Scandal: Did Saudi Arabia Use Israeli Spyware to Hack Amazon CEO?

jeff bezos amazon national enquirer david pecker

Saudi Arabia hacked Amazon chief Jeff Bezos’s private sexts, according to a recent bombshell report in the Daily Beast. Shock Claim: Saudia Arabia Hacked Amazon Founder to Expose Sexts In an article penned by Gavin De Becker, a private security consultant hired by Bezos to probe the leak of his intimate messages, the investigator concludes that the Saudi regime unlawfully gained access to the...

Coinbase-Backed Stablecoin Claims Rivals Deceptively Pump Market Caps

reserve, crypto, stablecoin

Touted as the next big thing in crypto, stablecoins promise investors volatility-proof exposure to decentralized assets, but insiders say that this emerging asset class is vulnerable to the same manipulative practices that have tarnished the broader ecosystem. According to Nevin Freeman, chief executive officer of Reserve, a Coinbase-backed stablecoin, many of his rivals artificially inflate...

Narcotics Dealers Dump Dark Web for Telegram & WhatsApp

whatsapp, telegram

As law enforcement increasingly cracks down on centralized dark-web markets, online narcotics dealers are migrating to encrypted messing apps like Telegram and WhatsApp, according to a new report from the Independent. Citing the findings of an anonymous dark web researcher, the report says that online drug dealers are advertising their illicit Telegram channels through graffiti markers spray...

Trump's Cartel Crackdown Threatens to Amplify Headaches for Banks and Crypto Startups

donald trump, crypto

In a recent interview with right-wing media outlet Breitbart News, President Donald Trump said his administration is “very seriously” considering designating Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs). However, the strain this policy shift would impose on the banking industry calls into question the feasibility of an expanded counter-terrorism regime. Donald Trump 'Seriously'...

Bank Watchdog: Crypto Assets Fail as Money - and Digital Gold

bitcoin, tulip bubble, crypto

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), a supranational banking watchdog, has warned that the growth of crypto assets like bitcoin pose a threat to banks and global financial stability, despite “very limited direct exposures.” BCBS Lays into Bitcoin, Says it's Not a True Store of Value In a March 13 newsletter statement, the BCBS said that crypto assets fail both as money and "digital...

Key Witness: Russia Treason Trial Will Defuse US Hacking 'Hysteria'

russia treason trial, sergei mikhailov

The conviction of two former, high-ranking Russian cybersecurity officials for undisclosed acts of treason last month underscores deteriorating cybercrime cooperation between Washington and Moscow, as U.S.-Russia tensions have spiked to their highest levels since the Cold War. At the heart of this intrigue are Colonel Sergei Mikhailov, a former deputy director of the computer crimes unit of the...

OxyContin-Stained Sackler Fortune Too Toxic for This Woke Hedge Fund

oxycontin, sackler, opiod crisis

Under fire for fueling the opioid crisis, the billionaire family that controls OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma LP has been booted from a large hedge fund, the Wall Street Journal reports. Hildene Capital Dumps Family Behind OxyContin Fortune Last year, Hildene Capital Management, which manages some $10 billion in client assets, notified Sackler family investment entities that it would no longer...

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