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Australian High School to Host ‘Educational Presentation’ on Cryptocurrencies

Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:04 PM
Samburaj Das
Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:04 PM

The soaring interest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in the mainstream has compelled one high school in Australia to reportedly host an information night on cryptocurrencies.

In an email sent to students’ parents, Brisbane-based St. Laurence’s College said it intends to hold an “educational presentation” on cryptocurrencies after being made aware of senior students purchasing and adopting cryptocurrencies, local news outlet ABC  reported last week.

The educational crash course will be non-compulsory for the schools’ staff and students from Year 11 and 12, as well as parents who express interest in understanding the “new space”, the email reportedly said.

An excerpt from the email added:

“The presentation will look at features of cryptocurrencies, the technology underpinning them, and will give some very basic information about the state of the market and ways to keep investments safe.”

The school insists it holds no bias or stance on the subject, but felt students “should be cautioned and educated about these purchases.” The presentation was originally scheduled to be held on February 2 but has been reportedly postponed.

According to one financial expert, the move to educate students on cryptocurrencies at an institutional level is a healthy development. Queensland Tech’s business and accounting professor Chrisann Lee underlined the importance of educating high schoolers and young adults on investing in cryptocurrencies. While young adults typically possess strong basic financial literacy skills, advanced topics like investments and returns could use a helping hand, according to Dr. Lee.

“Especially telling them the underlying asset that they are buying into, the technology that supports, the security and those kinds of things… they need to be fully aware to make informed decisions,” she said, in support of the school’s intention to educate students, parents and staff on cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, Australia’s ‘big four’ banks have ruled out any prohibitive bans on purchasing cryptocurrencies, unlike counterparts in the US and the UK. Australian authorities have also confirmed the regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges in the country, a move that the government believes will ensure consumer safety while facilitating the growth of the cryptocurrency sector in the country.

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