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500 Play Casino Review

Last Updated June 4, 2024 1:22 PM
Peris Wambu
Last Updated June 4, 2024 1:22 PM

I recently stumbled upon 500 Play Casino . A platform that effortlessly marries an expansive game selection with smooth banking procedures, it beckons both novice and veteran players. From slots and video poker to efficient payment methods, this casino seems to offer a comprehensive gaming experience. Dive in as I dissect what truly makes 500 Play Casino stand out in the crowded realm of online casinos.

The Pros And Cons of 500 Play


Diverse Payment Options

500 Play Casino offers a mix of both fiat and cryptocurrency methods, catering to a wide range of players.

Extensive Game Selection

With games ranging from slots to poker, players are unlikely to run out of options anytime soon.

24/7 Customer Support

Players can reach out via email or chat at any time, ensuring that help is always at hand.

Multilingual Platform

With support for languages including English, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, it’s evident that 500 Play Casino aims to serve a global audience.


Chat Support Delays

Despite 24/7 availability, there are often long waits to reach chat support.

Bot Interference

Players first encounter bots before reaching actual agents, which can be off-putting for some.

Withdrawal Limits

The casino has set limits on withdrawals, which might be a deterrent for high rollers or those with significant winnings.

Exploring 500 Play Casino’s Background

500 Play Casino is a relatively young casino. It was established in 2016. Since then, the game dynamics have evolved, and the players in the community have experienced a rollercoaster of wins and losses. I must say, a lot has changed since then, but the thrill remains the same.


Behind every great casino, there’s an influential owner. The 500 Play Casino is a brainchild of Perfect Storm B.V. Based in the sunny locale of Willemstad, Curaçao, the company is registered under the number 150536. It’s always reassuring to know that the place where I bet my money is backed by a reputable company.


I’ve always prioritized those casinos backed by valid licenses. The 500 Play Casino stands tall in this regard. The casino is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curaçao. What this means for players like me is that there’s a reduced risk of foul play.

Every time I place a bet, I’m confident in the casino’s fairness and compliance with the set standards. My review wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging that the site has passed all necessary compliance regulations. So, every time the wheel spins or the dice rolls, it’s purely a game of chance.

Available cryptocurrencies

The casino world has embraced the cryptocurrency wave, and so has 500 Play Casino. The site is not just about traditional fiat money. It’s a crypto casino, making it perfect for those who prefer dealing in digital coins.

While the list of accepted cryptocurrencies isn’t fully disclosed, the term “crypto casino” suggests a variety of options for players. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others, I’m sure the most popular cryptocurrencies have a place here. For me, the convenience of crypto transactions adds to the overall gambling experience.


One thing that stands out about 500 Play Casino is its commitment to catering to a global audience. The site is multilingual, covering a broad spectrum from English, Spanish, and German to Russian and Turkish.

Is 500 Play Casino Reputable?

Whenever I embark on a new gambling journey, the first thing I check is the casino’s license. The 500 Play Casino scores high here. Operating under the license #8048/JAZ2021-088, it’s regulated by the Government of Curaçao.

This gives me peace of mind because it indicates that the casino adheres to strict standards and ensures fairness in every game, be it slots, blackjack, or poker.

500 Play casino safety measures

Safety is paramount. And when it comes to the realm of online gambling, it’s all about protecting both my money and information. I was relieved to find that 500 Play Casino employs top-tier encryption.

This means when I deposit or request withdrawals, or even just play, my data remains secure. Plus, they have mechanisms to ensure games are provably fair. So, whether I’m spinning the wheel of fortune or trying a dice game, I know the outcomes are truly a matter of chance.


Reputation speaks volumes in the gambling world. Through my years of experience, I’ve come to realize that the best casinos have a loyal player base and receive rave reviews. 500 Play Casino, established in 2016, has quickly gained traction among the gambling community.

With an array of games and features, it’s become a go-to platform for many. When I chat with others or visit forums, most users appreciate the site’s commitment to user experience and fairness.

Complaints received

No casino is without its share of complaints. While it’s natural for players to vent after a loss, it’s essential to discern legitimate issues from mere frustration. From my observation, most complaints about 500 Play Casino are typical of any gambling site, like withdrawal delays or misunderstandings about bonuses.

However, their customer support, available 24/7, seems proactive in addressing concerns, which speaks volumes about their commitment to players.

500 Play Casino Features

Diving into the world of 500 Play Casino, I instantly realized it’s more than just a regular casino – it’s a thriving crypto casino. With an increasing number of players turning to cryptocurrencies for their gambling, this casino is ahead of the curve.

Here, I can use my favorite cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even the lesser-known Solana. This not only offers a seamless gambling experience but also adds an extra layer of security and privacy.

Types of games available

The variety at 500 Play Casino blew me away. From classic table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat to exhilarating slot games, there’s a game for every type of player. For those who love the thrill of live casinos, there’s also a selection of live dealer games. Betting in a game of live roulette or trying my hand at poker, the chance to win big is always around the corner.

Number of games

One thing’s for sure, 500 Play Casino isn’t lacking in options. With over 1,500 games to choose from, boredom isn’t on the cards. Whether I’m in the mood for slots, card games, or trying out something new, the vast selection ensures I can always find a game that piques my interest.

500 Play Casino’s original games

Now, while they have a multitude of games from renowned providers like NetEnt and Microgaming, what caught my attention were the casino’s original games. Unique to 500 Play Casino, these games give a fresh twist to regular gambling. From “Indi Slots” to “Crazy Time Duels”, each game promises not just a chance to win, but a novel experience.

Graphics and gaming experience

I have to tip my hat to the casino for its impeccable graphics. Each game, be it slots or table games, is visually stunning. Partnering with top-tier software providers like Play’n Go and Red Tiger Gaming ensures that. The immersive experience, combined with smooth gameplay and intuitive interface, makes every bet, every spin, and every play at 500 Play Casino an absolute delight.

500 Play Casino Betting Features

Diving straight into 500 Play Casino’s sportsbook, I was met with an impressive portfolio of sports betting options. From mainstream sports to the less conventional, this casino has a rich tapestry of choices for punters like me.

Whether I’m in the mood for some football action or the intensity of a basketball game, this place ensures I’m never short of betting opportunities.

Types of sports events available

500 Play Casino shines when it comes to the variety of sports events on offer. Regular league matches, championship bouts, international tournaments – they have it all. It doesn’t stop at just the big events. I noticed they also provide betting options for local matches and lesser-known leagues, ensuring there’s always something fresh to place a bet on.

Popular sports/esports available

When it comes to popular sports, 500 Play Casino does not disappoint. Football, basketball, tennis, and even the thrilling world of Formula 1 racing are all available to bet on. But what truly caught my eye was their expansive esports selection. From “League of Legends” battles to high-octane “Counter-Strike” shootouts, it’s a haven for esports enthusiasts. As someone who loves a mix of traditional sports and esports, this platform is a perfect blend for my betting needs.

Betting options

I must commend 500 Play Casino on their range of betting options. Not only can I choose from the regular money-line bets, but I also have the freedom to explore parlays, prop bets, and even live in-game betting.

The odds are competitive, and the payout system is swift and reliable. With a user-friendly interface and clear rules, every bet I place feels informed and strategic. This isn’t just a place to try one’s luck; it’s where betting transforms into a calculated game of chance and strategy.

500 Play Casino Poker Features

I dove into 500 Play Casino’s live casino poker, and the experience was quite immersive. With professional dealers at the helm, the gameplay feels as real as it gets. The high-quality video feed and clear audio ensure that I’m always in the thick of the action. It’s a fantastic choice for players like me who love the thrill of live games but may not have access to a brick-and-mortar casino.

Virtual Pokers – Video Poker

Beyond the live tables, I tried my hand at 500 Play Casino’s virtual pokers, particularly video poker. The graphics are sharp, the gameplay smooth, and the chances of winning make every bet exciting. Video poker here offers an excellent blend of skill and chance, providing a perfect playground for both novice and seasoned players.

Poker against other players

Now, while 500 Play Casino excels in many areas, as of my last visit, they only offer live casino poker and virtual poker. If you’re looking to play poker against other players, there are numerous other sites available for that specific experience.

However, the good news is, given the casino’s track record of updating its game selection, there’s a chance they might introduce player-versus-player poker in the future. Until then, their live casino and video poker options ensure you won’t miss out on the excitement.


In essence, 500 Play Casino provides a top-tier gambling experience, especially for poker enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of live-action or the digital precision of video poker, there’s something here for you. While we wait for them to potentially add more player-vs-player options, there’s still plenty of poker fun to be had.

500 Play Casino Gambling Experience

Diving into 500 Play Casino, I first tackled the registration process. It was straightforward and swift. With basic information and a few clicks, I had an active account. For those concerned about security, the platform uses a robust KYC system ensuring player safety.

Platform features and functionalities

Navigating through the platform was a breeze. The site boasts a variety of table games, slots, and even a sportsbook. With game providers like NetEnt and Microgaming, quality is a guarantee. From blackjack to roulette, every game gave me the thrill of a chance to win.

User-friendly search functionality

Finding specific games or information is hassle-free, thanks to their user-friendly search functionality. Just a keyword or two and I got accurate results every time. It’s evident that they’ve designed this feature with players in mind.

Design and appearance

The casino’s design stands out. Aesthetically pleasing with vibrant graphics and a sleek interface, it truly enhances the gambling experience. Icons, logos, and images are clear and crisp, ensuring I can focus on what matters most – the games.

Information Accessibility

Information is key in the world of gambling. Whether I wanted details on deposit methods, bonuses, or game rules, everything was a click away. With easily accessible categories and a comprehensive FAQ section, I never felt lost.

500 Play Casino’s Community

Another impressive feature is the 500 Play Casino’s active community. Their blog is updated with news, game releases, and gambling tips. Forums allow members to chat, share experiences, and discuss strategies. It’s not just a casino; it’s a thriving community.

Responsible gambling tools

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, 500 Play Casino emphasizes responsible gambling. They offer tools and guidelines to ensure players gamble safely. Limits on deposits, loss limits, and self-exclusion options show they care about their users’ well-being.

Welcome Bonus at 500 Play Casino

At 500 Play Casino, they kick things off with a bang. When I made my first deposit of over $25, the casino matched it 100%, directly moving the amount to my BONUS balance. So, if you’re thinking of going big, note that they’ll offer a bonus of up to a generous $1000. Deposit more, and you’ll still get a $1000 bonus, no more.

Wagering requirement

While the bonus is enticing, remember there’s a catch a 40x wager requirement. This means I had to wager my bonus amount 40 times before converting it into a withdrawable balance. It’s standard in many online casinos, ensuring you don’t just take the money and run

Free spins

The cherry on top? 50 FREE SPINS! These aren’t just on any slots but on top-quality ones provided by Pragmatic Play. Titles include Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, Starlight Princess, Book of Fallen, and Buffalo King Megaways, with 10 spins each. An excellent chance for me to try my luck without betting my own money.

Casino Bonuses and Promotions

500 Play Casino doesn’t just stop at a hefty welcome bonus. Their promotional calendar kept me on my toes with a stream of thrilling opportunities. Whether it’s deposit bonuses that give me extra money to play with or spins that I can use on their wide range of slots, there’s always something happening. They cover everything from roulette to blackjack, ensuring every type of player finds something to love.

Sports Betting & Esports Promotions

If card games and slots aren’t your thing, no worries! The site also provides promotions for sports betting and even esports. These promotions are designed with the betting enthusiast in mind, offering better odds and more chances to win big. It’s a refreshing take that blends the traditional with the modern, catering to all.

VIP Club

Now, for the crown jewel of 500 Play Casino – the VIP program. This isn’t just any loyalty program; it’s a journey. Starting at the Silver level and progressing through to the ultimate Opal status, every step brings with it better perks.

As I moved up, the rewards went from exclusive bonuses to high-end items. The pinnacle? Reaching the top nets you a Lamborghini Huracan. But even on the journey there, things like a Rolex watch show the casino’s commitment to rewarding loyalty.

500 Play Casino truly blends the thrill of gambling with the luxury of top-tier rewards. Whether you’re in it for the jackpots, the card games, or the sheer experience, their promotions and VIP club ensure you’re always playing with an edge.

Customer Service at 500 Play Casino

When I needed support, I found two main avenues to reach the 500 Play Casino team e-mail and chat. The beauty of it is that they offer 24/7 support. So, no matter when you’re gambling or facing any issues, there’s someone to help.

Chat experience

I’ve always been a fan of instant chat support at casinos, and 500 Play Casino provides this. However, it’s not all rosy. There were times when the wait felt longer than expected. It was apparent that before reaching an actual human agent, I had to go through bot agents. While bots are okay for basic questions, for some detailed issues, talking directly to a person is a better experience.

E-mail support

If you’re not in a rush and prefer detailing your problems, e-mail is a solid choice. I found their e-mail support system quite efficient. Though it might not provide the instant feedback of chat, it does ensure a thorough review of your concerns.

Payments at 500 Play Casino

At 500 Play Casino, you’re not limited to just cryptocurrencies. While it’s impressive to see the vast range of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, and even newer ones like Solana and Tether, it’s equally noteworthy that they also offer traditional payment methods. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Paysafe Card are just a few of the many fiat deposit options available.

Deposit methods

Depositing money at 500 Play Casino is a breeze. They’ve got you covered, whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or someone who sticks to traditional methods. From bank cards like Visa and MasterCard to more local options like Bradesco and Boleto, the choices are vast. For those wanting to gamble with cryptocurrencies, options include Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Dogecoin, and many others.

Withdrawal methods

Withdrawing your winnings is straightforward. I noticed they offer both cryptocurrency and fiat withdrawal options, which is a big plus. It’s essential to know the minimum amounts for each method, but generally, it’s quite reasonable. Do keep an eye on withdrawal limits, especially if you’ve hit a big jackpot or had a significant win on slots or table games.

Maximum payouts and fees

One thing to consider when playing at any casino is the maximum payout. At 500 Play Casino, the payout limits seem fair, but it’s always good to check the specifics based on the payment method you choose. When it comes to fees, it’s always best to check before finalizing a withdrawal. Different methods might have varied charges, but from my experience, they’re competitive and reasonable.

Payout speed and pending time

Nobody likes to wait, especially when it comes to accessing your winnings from betting. I found that the payout speed at 500 Play Casino is quite commendable. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are typically faster, but even traditional methods are processed efficiently. However, there’s always a pending time, which is standard in the industry, before the actual processing begins.

500 Play Casino Final Thoughts

From the get-go, 500 Play Casino caught my attention. The sheer variety of game providers, from giants like NetEnt and Microgaming to upcoming stars like Hacksaw Gaming and Relax Gaming, ensured that boredom was off the table. The slots, table games, roulette, and even the exhilarating game shows kept me entertained for hours on end.

500 Play Casino has left a real mark on me. From a gamut of games to top-tier customer support and a sense of community, this casino ticks most boxes. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or someone just trying your luck, this is one place worth checking out.

And hey, if you’ve had an experience at 500 Play Casino, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Sharing reviews and feedback helps us all make better betting choices!

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