Zynga Testing in-game Bitcoin Payments via BitPay

January 4, 2014
Buying in-game items with Bitcoin in Zynga’s Farmville 2.

Social / casual games developer, Zynga, is testing out Bitcoin in Farmville 2, Zynga Poker, Chefville and three of its other games.

Zynga had 265 million monthly active players across its social media and mobile platforms in January 2013, with $1.14 billion in turnover in 2011. Although no longer a stock market darling, Zynga remains a leader in the monetisation of electronic gaming. As Bitcoin enables frictionless microtransactions perfectly suited to such business models, and especially if Zynga’s testing proves favourable, we can expect other game companies to follow suit.

A high-profile game like Farmville, Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds (~2 billion total downloads) or King’s Candy Crush (45 million monthly players) which incorporates Bitcoin would greatly accelerate the cryptocurrency’s adoption rate.

Zynga seems to be playing its Bitcoin experiment fairly low-key. The only official announcement I can find so far is on Reddit.

From a related thread, it appears Max Keiser first tweeted about Zynga’s interest in Bitcoin about a month ago. User comboy points out that “Square Ventures, which was backing Tumblr and Zynga, was the main VC for CoinBase. But this is known since at least May this year.”

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