ZPT and GALA, Inventive Ways to Capitalize With Zeepin

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Zeepin is an ecosystem with its own blockchain that is capable of running Smart Contracts and applications (DApps). A couple of days ago, Zeepin made some significant announcements for their audience.

Any user of the Zeepin Platform can launch innovative projects, look for resources, start crowdfunding, offer services of digital assets and release applications via DApps using ZPT tokens as a means of exchange. Moreover, the platform’s creators are using its unique blockchain to launch their own suite of DApps.

These are various applications for businesses, specialized solutions for the creative industries, as well as games and even a cloud storage. Zeepin Chain also serves as a platform for the entertainment and gaming industry, Zeepin’s long-term goal is to attract entrepreneurs to empower various businesses with the help of their Blockchain. These projects, for example, may launch their own tokens on Zeepin’s infrastructure.

One example is the GalaCloud — an encrypted cloud storage system on Zeepin Chain. Like the blockchain model, files on GalaCloud will be encrypted and stored on different nodes. With a planned 49 nodes around the globe, the team hopes to recruit all applicants by Aug. 25, 2018. In November 2018, those matching the selection criteria will become the GalaHub nodes of GalaCloud.

The selected nodes will receive 10 times the amount of their locked ZPT paid in GALA tokens. These tokens will enable access to the storage, GALA is also the means of exchange for other projects of Zeepin, such as CryptoGalaxy. It also serves as gas of Zeepin chain, is used for transaction fees, smart contracts deployment, and to enable access to GalaCloud storage and space renting. 70 percent of GALA will be distributed to the GalaBox nodes, 20 percent to GalaHub and 10 percent to the GalaCloud foundation. Recommended reading on how to apply for GalaHub node is available here.

Following the first round, the second round of the GalaBox crowdfunding campaign will begin Aug. 16 and will run through Aug. 20 with a lock-up of 5,250 ZPT for 18 months. The third round will start on Aug. 21 through Aug. 25 with a lock-up of 5,500 ZPT for 18 months, all launches and ending times will take place at 2 p.m. UTC. These are the last rounds to get a GalaBox in exchange for locking up ZPTs as next rounds will require users to make payment to get one.

The mining of GALA will be enabled by GalaBox encrypted storage devices. Zeepin plans to release up to 60,000 GalaBoxes in just the first year. Every GalaBox can join the node cluster and become part of GalaCloud mining.

The rewards are explained in the project’s white paper. It helps make sense of the system and understand Zeepin’s GalaCloud. ZPT holders can lock up their tokens in order to open up passive income opportunities. GalaBox miners are currently free for anyone willing to put their tokens in storage for a period of 18 months.

CryptoGalaxy is an entertaining game where users can buy planets and travel around the first crypto universe. Check out the tutorial guide for beginners to learn how to jump into the exploration of this Blockchain-based Galaxy.

Inside the game, players can use GalaBot to dig for minerals on the planets. Those minerals can then be converted into GALA. Players can buy planets, explore and name them, travel around, and earn tokens.

The approaches Zeepin has selected to build their foundation are unique, as well as highly diversified. The project aims to create a borderless and transparent economy for the creative industries. In 2018, the majority of DApps on Zeepin Chain will go live.

It is a very busy year for Zeepin and a defining one for its future. However, so far it looks like they are coping quite well with all challenges, with a clear strategy and established roadmap.

Zeepin Telegram and Twitter channels are a good resource to see what they’re up to. Zeepin Chain Mainnet Launch will happen on the 31st of August, less than 3 weeks from now.