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July 18, 2014 10:00 AM UTC

ZeusMiner On The Global Scrypt Mining Network and Next Gen Scrypt Miners

ZeusMiner has been a hit in the Scrypt ASIC Miner manufacturer world. They released their miners at many locations in the field. First, they sold units directly to customers. Second, they did OEM manufacturing for companies like GAWMiner and Hashra. Being able to do both spurred…

ZeusMiner has been a hit in the Scrypt ASIC Miner manufacturer world. They released their miners at many locations in the field. First, they sold units directly to customers. Second, they did OEM manufacturing for companies like GAWMiner and Hashra. Being able to do both spurred huge growth for the new manufacturer. With the growth and large sales numbers, ZeusMiner has been able to surpass the initial reach that Gridseed, the first Scrypt ASIC miner manufacturer to the market, achieved in a big way.

ZeusMiner On The Global Scrypt Mining Network and Next Gen Scrypt Miners

ZeusMiner has recently announced Global Scrypt Mining Network, an ambitious project looking distribute more Scrypt ASIC miners across the globe. Here are some of the basics of the new initiative.


With a desire to deliver sustainable hashing rates with minimal cost and risk, ZeusMiner is now seeking for global partners to build a Global Scrypt Mining Network. Anyone with proper resources can apply to become one of our global partners jointly to own and run our mining farms and most importantly, share profits brought by Zeus miners.
This is a chance you should never miss. Within this network, we are partners. Within this network, you share all profits with ZeusMiner.

Under this plan, you will get Zeus miners at cost price-which is unprecedented, and we will guarantee production and technical support as intellectual investment. In the end, we split the profits. It’ll be a win-win solution for both of us because it saves you a lot and saves us a lot as well. And we are collecting coins together.

By bringing together their customers both large and small allowing them to participate at lower costs while distributing the hashing power across the globe gives a huge incentive to join ZeusMiner as part of their network. The Global Scrypt Mining Network is a bold move also in that other companies like KNC and BFL instead took their customers money and built private farms instead of shipping miners. Here ZeusMiner makes their customers the partner and shares the rewards.
ZeusMiner also announced last week that they are soon to be shipping their next gen miners that will be even more power efficient. This step is huge as it allows for a better ROI for customers while giving solid performance that has come with the first generation of their miners.

I was able to ask some questions of Terry and his team and ZeusMiner, and it turned out very positive indeed.

ZeusMiner Chips Power GAWMiners Falcon

The Global Scrypt Mining Network Plan is a very ambitious plan. How was the concept come up with? What kind of response are you hoping to have from the community and your customer base?

The global network plan was brought up because recently the Scrypt mining industry is a little bit weak. We want to regain market confidence and inject more vitality into Scrypt mining industry. And what we need for that is to deliver more cost-efficient and sustainable hashing rates. This is important especially when mining difficulty is increasing daily. We know there are places with cheaper electricity which will cut the cost significantly. We are hoping mining fans with proper resources can join our network and strengthen our competitiveness in this industry. And they will enjoy good profits for the investment.

With the next gen miners coming out, many are very happy at the lower power consumption. With the Global Scrypt Mining Network Plan did making the next gen miners more power efficient become even more important as people are becoming very conscious about power consumption now?

With the exponentially increasing hashing rates in the pool, we believe in the foreseeable future power consumption will be a determining factor whether a miner has a market. That’s why we’ve been working hard on reducing power consumption to assure fans more ROI on minimal cost.

ZeusMiner has went all out again for their Next Gen Miners as you can see with this just announced sale plan on 7/16/14.

With the biggest issue – the high power consumption of the original ZeusMiners – cleared, we decided to do again the unspeakable and
Sit back and enjoy your great deal!
If you pre-order one Lightning X6, you’ll get one free original Thunder X3
If you pre-order one Thunder X6, you’ll get one free original Hurricane X3
If you pre-order one Hurricane X6, you’ll get one free original Blizzard
If you pre-order one Blizzard X6, you’ll get one free original Blizzard

ZeusMiner Accepts Payments in Litecoin, Darkcoin or Bitcoin.

Demand was very very large for your first-gen miners, what lessons have you learned to go forward with the 2nd gen and the rollout of the GSMN to meet demand?

We’ve been favored by fans for our GEN I miners. On GEN II machines, besides our efforts on power reduction, we will improve customer services, which we value no less than the quality of our miners to guarantee a better experience with ZeusMiner.

Many people are asking about the Zeusiner Hashing compensation is that close to completion or are you not ready to speak about it yet?

We believe many of the fans have already got their coupons or online hosting rates. We are still handling more because new requests are sent to us every day. But it is near completion.

With the value of Litecoin went lower and Terry being a very vocal supporter of Litecoin and all scrypt coins will there be discounts for purchasing at ZeusMiner or purchasing through affiliates for using Litecoin and other scrypt coins? Incentives help spur the rate of value to go up and help keep more of it in use.

Yes we always have this 5% discount plan if you pay with BTC/LTC and now Darkcoin. We’ll consider other Scrypt coins in the future.

What things would you like to add?

We hope the community can see our dedication in providing reliable Scrypt miners. We appreciate all the support given by our fans. That’s the impetus for ZeusMiner to keep evolving itself and deliver better miners.


I have had the opportunity to use and review several ZeusMiner products, the Blizzard and Falcon already and the GAWMiners Black Widow next, and they have left me with a very positive impression of their chips and mining hardware. ZeusMiner’s current introduction of the Global Scrypt Mining Network is a new way to interact with and partner with the customer base, in a way, that I think is a great idea. The next generation miners coming out from ZeusMiner is another step in the right direction. I enjoy all the innovation from so many manufacturers and vendors in the Crypto Currency world, and ZeusMiner is no exception as they push forward into new territory as well.


Disclosure: I have received a miner from ZeusMiner for testing and review.

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