ZeusMiner Expands Partnerships to Include ASICMiner, XBTec and Rockminer

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October 29, 2014 4:01 AM UTC
ASICMiner AMHash1 Data Center

ZeusMiner has recently been on a tear through the ASIC manufacturer industry first by striking up a deal with Rockminer and now by adding the respected ASICMiner and XBTec to the fold. ASICMiner is headed up by FriedCat and has brought the industry the first Block Eruptor and the latest the new Prisma. Rockminer and ZeusMiner started it all when Rockminer became the first company to partner with ZeusMiner in order to provide the SHA-256 side of ZeusHash. The partnership makes for a great pair and is the first time that two companies are working together in the industry in a big way. Hot on the heels of that announcemt, Rockminer had let CCN.com know that they were further partnering with ASICMiner to provide hash rate for the new AMHash1 IPO on Havelock Investments.

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Specifics of the ASICMiner AMHash1 deal.

ASICMiner and RockMiner have reached in-depth cooperation agreement to launch cloud hashing contract project AMHash jointly. Dozens of Petahash hashing power sales will be launched within this year. In order to profit our customers the most, AMHash will offer the best price based on low-cost advantage resulted from scale and professional mining.

AMHash1, the first product of AMHash project, is about to be released on [HAVELOCK] [1] platform. This contract includes 5PH / S cloud hashing power which is going to be sold by 5 blocks (1PH / S per block). Once the former batch has been sold out, the latter batch sales will be initiated automatically. Meanwhile, dividends of the finished block will be released.

Basic operation mode for AMHash1 is that ASICMiner is in charge of providing hashing power and mining farm maintenance while RockMiner is in charge of marketing and operation.

Alex Lam Rockminer’s Overseas Sales Rep has told CCN.com this new partnership is another step forward in bringing mining to everyone and at better prices than the competition. Rockminer did not stop with ASICMiner and ZeusMiner. ZeusMiner released a press release stating they have brought on board XBTec as well. XBTec is a new miner manufacturer that has come on the scene recently. CCN.com will be reviewing one of their miners in the near future. CCN.com was able to speak with Yura Vasiliuk one of the founders of XBTec about the deal and their mining equipment.

Could you tell CCN.com about how the deal with ZeusMiner happened and a bit about where it is going and what to expect?

XBTec Data Center Construction

Well, you know that our team isn’t native Chinese, but we located in Shenzhen. During the development, we in constant contact with Rockxie’s (Rockminer) team, FriedCat’s team and the Zeusminer team. Although, we competed with each other, Rockxie, FriedCat and Zeus teams helped us, with the development. We appreciated that they were really smart and fair guys.

Once, we got going the understanding that we should work together and make something bigger, than just bitcoin miners came about. Mining pool was one of the most reasonable solutions. Everyone contributed knowledges and experience in this project.

XBTec has been working on new and improved miners could you share some of the specifications of the new miner and when we can expect to see it hit the market?

The new miner XBTec Pacific V3 gives at least 3.2Th hash rate with power consumption 2500 Watt; it is less than 0.79 Watt per Gh. Pacific V3 is a complete miner with two fully customized PSUs. The miner is based on AM BE200 chipset from FriedCat. The XBTec Pacific V3 miner is quite noiseless, as is possible.

What are some of XBTec’s plans with your mining farm and cloud mining?

ZeusMiner, Rockminer, XBTec and AsicMiner: we all are planning to develop cloud mining and mining pool. Why did we choose this way? A lot of customers aren’t going to bitcoin mining business. They don’t want to wait the time when their miners are delivered to them from another part of the world, they don’t have enough space, time or electricity to install miners. Finally, most people don’t know how manage devices. Therefore, we decided to make a platform where people could freely make mining business right away after purchasing hashrate. We aim that everyone able to start bitcoin mining even from 10 dollars.

What has been the greatest challenge in building out the mining farm?

When you are installing 1-2 miners in your garage, you don’t think about time and people resources. But when you have to install 400+ units, you should think how to optimize your time and efforts, how to organize people. People say; time is money, it is also a strong concern in the bitcoin mining business. Sometimes we woke up deep in the night and went to farm just because the internet connection needed be recovered, or something else happened. The best challenges are experience and practice with managing devices.

You and your team are from around the world how has that been allowing you to grow and evolve in the market?

It is better, then just same-country team. The language barrier isn’t a real barrier, when you work together for long-distance project. We share skills with each other. In my opinion, if growing a big business – an international team is more advantageous, than the complexity.

To top off all of the great collaboration, all four of them are working together to move the industry forward by teaming up in ZeusHash. When Sara ZeusMiner’s Public Relations Director got ahold of CCN.com about teaming up with ASICMiner and XBTec, as well as the established deal with Rockminer, it was big news indeed.

Rockminer T1

ZeusHash that has been released to the public on Oct. 3rd 2014 has seen an incredible growth and after only three weeks already 10,000 news users from 129 countries have signed up for it. The cloud-hashing service offers both Bitcoin and Litecoin mining for some of the lowest prices in the industry.

This strategic new partnership will allow ZeusHash to procure sustainable and cost-efficient Bitcoin hashing power through their reliable new suppliers thus being able to offer to its customers unbeatable prices with outstanding service in the future.

AsicMiner, one of the earliest and most important members of the Bitcoin industry who made news through an unprecedented Bitcoin IPO, will provide ZeusHash with the most affordable and state of the art Bitcoin cloud hashing power directly from farms which are deployed on several secure locations and take advantage of low local electricity costs.

XBTec, one of the younger companies in the Bitcoin mining industry has developed sophisticated mining solutions and will contribute to ZeusHash by offering Bitcoin hashing power for competitive pricing.

Recently ZeusHash had announced a partnership with Rockminer, another well-established company in the Bitcoin mining industry and started selling the Rockminer T1 with a well-received price.

It is clear that the strategic alliance of these four strong partners who decided to combine their resources and knowledge will change the future of the cloud mining industry and reshape the whole market.

The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry is changing the way we all do business and think about money and responsibility. Bitcoin companies are also shaping a new way companies can do business. Instead of taking customers order money and building large mining data farms with it like KnCMiner, ZeusMiner, Rockminer, ASICMiner and XBTec have gone the other way. First, by delivering products on time; secondly, by forming partnerships with other manufacturers to make sure they can deliver products and services to those customers who trusted them with their Bitcoin/money.

CCN.com will keep you up to date on more developments from this group of companies.

Happy Mining

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