ZeusMiner Has Signed Up Thousands for New Cloudmining Platform: ZeusHash

zeushashZeusMiner recently launched their ZeusHash cloudmining platform that features both GH/s for BTC mining and MH/s for LTC mining. ZeusMiner was kind enough to provide CCN with a ZeusHash beta account to test out the new platform. I was blown away by the new platform; it is by far the cleanest cloudhashing platform that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. Of course, ZeusMiner has made sure to offer competitive pricing for both LTC and BTC cloud mining at their launch on 10/3/14. More and more cloudmining platforms are attempting to break into the industry. Despite the clutter of competition, the most successful cloud operations have sprung from established and legit companies that are regulated and have a proven track record of delivering on promises.

Check out the ZeusHash Promotional Video:


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I often have trouble navigating the different UI/UX that companies around the world come up with. Either they thought too hard about the design or I thought too hard about using it… With that familiar dread in mind, I entered ZeusHash with expectations tempered by reality. With Zeusminer’s new ZeusHash platform, I was able to “set up” a BTC mining node and get my partitioned amount of hashing power running for me within a few clicks. The QE codes are a great visualization method for Bitcoin and Litecoin deposit addresses and their presence always reminds me that I am on a Bitcoin related site that has been designed with the bleeding edge of technology in mind.

ZeusHash User Security

zeushash security

Whatever your thoughts on human nature, most would agree that the world has seen theft and scams ever since the advent of money. In the age of digital currencies, thefts and scams have increasingly happened on entirely online venues. Unfortunately, the inability to reverse Bitcoin payments, a much-touted feature, also removes the possibility of reactionary security measures. Governments and other centralized organizations often rely on reactionary security measures because they are intrinsically cheap and easy to execute within their top-down designed systems. ZeusHash forces each and ever user to have 2FA. It starts off with email 2fa tied to the registered email address. Additionally, they require Google authentication setup before withdrawals are allowed. 2FA allows users to protect themselves from remote online theft by adding a second layer of protection that is secured differently and separately from the first level of security.


Since revealing their new platform just days ago, ZeusHash has signed up over 3,000 people from around the world. ZeusHash pays out every time a block is found. You aren’t going to experience delays in payments or communication with ZeusHash, the hallmark signs of a failing ponzi scheme cloudmining operation. ZeusHash provides competitive pricing that currently stands at $0.889 USD/GHs for BTC mining and $15.99 USD/MHs for LTC mining. Interested individuals should check out the dedicated ZeusHash forum, which has the answers to all of your questions. As always, ZeusMiner runs a referral program for ambitious individuals and the company will continue to provide mining services to the crypto community however it may be demanded.

Disclosure: As stated before, ZeusMiner provided a beta account to CCN.

Images from ZeusMiner. This is a Sponsored Story.