ZEUS – the First Eco-Mining in the World

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ZEUS  - is the result of combining waste processing plant and mining farm. Starting October 1, 2017, the start-up will offer its Ethereum protocol based ZEUS tokens to the crowdsale participants. ZEUS Token's own token will allow to participate in the project, its development, to receive a high and stable income.

ZEUS aims to be the first innovative EcoCryptoMining project – the idea is in the collaboration of waste processing plant that generates electricity from waste products and mining farm that uses this electricity for mining. At a first glance this idea may seem to be really simple. And it really is. As we all have heard not once, all ingenious is simple.

Bitcoin mining hardware has become far more efficient compared to a few years ago, but there is also a hefty increase in electricity consumption per device. This is only normal, as more powerful hardware requires more energy to operate. However, in the Bitcoin mining world, power consumption has become so high that mining at home is all but impossible in most countries, due to mounting electricity costs.  Although electricity consumption in Bitcoin has been a point of considerable discussion for quite some time now, things seem to be getting out of hand. 

Serg Bayev, projects Escrow said: “I always wanted to do something important to improve the ecology of our planet. I had experience in the field of waste processing prior to this project. As cryptocurrencies developed and became more popular more and more my friends decided to start mining. It so happened that this year we met with Boleslav Wojciechowski. It turned out he was actively engaged in mining in Poland. I listened to him with interest and found this field very potential - blockchain is a technology of  the future. The conversation often raised the issue of electricity, its consumption, its role in the mining process and its value. At this point, we came up with the idea of combining waste processing plant and mining farm. According to the simplicity of the business process and the absence of corruption component the obvious decision was to locate our future eco mining farm in the EU. We immediately contacted my good friend and an excellent professional with experience in implementing recycling projects in Europe - Alexei Karasev, who was  right away invited to become our partner and project technical director.”

The Pre ICO campaign will start on October 1 and will last until October 31, 2017. The purpose of the company is to raise funds through the implementation of 1 000 000 tokens of ZEUS Token at a price with a discount of 50% of the buyback price, that is the equivalent of 0.5 € at the rate of ETH/BTC at the time of a purchase. For more details go to https://zeus-token.io/eng/whitepaper.pdf

Learn more about ZEUS at – https://zeus-token.io/eng/
Access ZEUS whitepaper at – https://zeus-token.io/eng/whitepaper.pdf
Follow ZEUS on Twitter at – https://twitter.com/info_zeusteam?lang=ru
Join the Telegram channel at – https://t.me/joinchat/Cg9KDwhfwYZgztRVemWnwQ
Join the Slack Channel at – zeus-official.slack.com
Contact Email: [email protected]

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