Zencash ZEN Getting Started to the Sky


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Online trader and the analyst under Trenter nickname who daily monitors the movements in tens of coins also predicts their growth, has noted abnormal inflow of volumes to a ZEN coin (zencash).

On August 17, the volumes have increased by 5 times in one day!

At the beginning of the day the price has instantly flown up for 40%, with a growth of the trading volume only twice.

By the end of day volumes were already 1 million dollars!  

It became difficult to buy a coin. New buyers are coming, miners switch their equipment to production of this coin because it gives more profit, than the others.

What does it lead to?

Such behavior in a coin indicates its high interest for investors. Someone obviously buys up all its volumes, but is still imperceptible in order the price wouldn’t grow quickly and there wouldn’t be any noise. It is possible to draw conclusions about its fastest growth on 300-500 and even more percent.

A larger coin, Monaco, with similar behavior, from 11 to 17 August gave an increase of 1300%. A similar situation now we can see in Zencash. But ZEN has a smaller circulation of coins, and with similar amounts of investment it can fly up like a rocket and outrun even Monaco with its 1300% growth