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Zach Braff Reveals That Hollywood Is a Rat Race, Even After Death

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
Hannah Wigandt
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
  • Scrubs actor, Zach Braff, has called out the Emmy’s for not including his friend Nick Cordero, in their In Memoriam.
  • The awards have said in a statement to Braff that they can not always include every person who’s died in the year.
  • Is the selection process a little skewed?

If anyone wasn’t happy about this year’s Emmys, it’s Zach Braff.

The awards show did not include Nick Cordero, who died in July of coronavirus, and Sam Lloyd in it’s In Memoriam tribute. Braff was there to defend his good friends.

The selection process is a tight one, but what needs to change to include everyone’s name? More time, apparently.

Zach Braff Defended Cordero to the Emmys

Braff championed for his friend and Broadway co-star, Nick Cordero, to be included in the tribute, to no avail.

Braff was quick to clap back at the award show  in a series of tweets below:

Emmy's Tweet 1.
Braff is not happy with the Emmy’s. | Source: Twitter 

Braff also tweeted the awards show’s interesting response to his inquiries about his missing friend, which read:

Those involved in the In Memoriam selection process are very aware of the sad passing of Mr Cordero due to coronavirus and we assure that his name has been given every consideration for inclusion. With so many people passing in any given year, we simply cannot ensure any particular individual is included, nor do we release the name of those included prior to the telecast.

In his third tweet, Braff brought up the fact that his “Scrubs” co-star, Sam Lloyd, was also cut from the montage.

I should mention too, that they also left out Sam Lloyd. I would have never even considered ‘campaigning’ for Sam because he had more TV credits than most actors I know.

Cordero, although mostly known for his work on Broadway, had many television credits, including “Blue Bloods”, appearances in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Queer as Folk,” and Lillyhammer.”

So why the snub, especially when Cordero’s 95-day battle with coronavirus was covered so extensively? 

Fans on Twitter were not impressed either.

Emmy's tweet 2.
Fans agree with Braff that it was not cool to leave Cordero out. | Source: Twitter 

Cordero and Lloyd Were Not The Only Ones Left Out

Cordero and Lloyd should have been included, but there were even more prominent names that fell into the same boat. Kelly Preston, Kobe Bryant, and Kenny Rogers were all left off.

So it doesn’t appear that the awards chose not to include Cordero and Lloyd out of lack of popularity. But then how do they decide who to keep and who to snub?

The names of those who were not included in the telecast of the show are included in the comprehensive listing on the Emmys’ website . But does that make it right that they weren’t included during the telecast?

Ultimately it’s up to time constraints, and whether you were a big enough television actor or actress. Unfortunately, none of those people made the cut.

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