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You’ll Never Guess Who’s Paying UK’s Pandemic Positive Newspapers

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:02 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:02 PM
  • The UK Government has paid for several ‘advertorials’ to be published in various online sites and newspapers.
  • Although these articles are labeled, the labels are small and sometimes hard to notice.
  • It seems to me to be a clear case of the UK Government trying to mislead its citizens.

The UK government is coming under fire online for potentially misleading its citizens . During the easing of the recent social lockdown amid the pandemic, the government spent taxpayer money on ‘advertorials.’

These advertorials are barely distinguishable from a regular news article. The reports also talk about the new rules in a purely positive context.

Not only are these ‘advertorials’ totally misleading, but the UK government is using public money to pay for them. Talk about wearing their corruption on their sleeves.

UK Government - Tweets
The articles were brought to public attention on Twitter by journalist Stefan Simanowitz, in a huge thread devoted to many ways in that the media and UK Government have caused problems during the pandemic. | Source: Twitter 

The UK Government Shouldn’t Be Paying For This Sort of Press.

You might make the argument that the UK Government is doing what it’s supposed to do. These articles were paid for using money intended for a public information campaign.

If that’s the case, why did they need to be in national newspapers? To share information, the government merely needs a letter or leaflet campaign.

Here it seems clear that this ‘information campaign’ is supposed to appear no different to other articles. In many cases, a reader isn’t going to notice the tiny tag that mentions the UK Government.

They’re Trying To Dodge Accountability

These ‘advertorials’ are an apparent attempt to shift the topic of conversation. Most people seem pretty cynical about the way that the UK Government handled the COVID-19 pandemic . The government is shifting the narrative by distracting people with a positive spin, ironically paid-for with public money.

As a British national, this does not surprise. This particular government is good at dodging accountability. There’s the whole promise made by a bus thing , about which they’ve been quiet . Not to mention the Russian corruption report, that they refused to release for no reason .

Let’s not mince words. The current UK Government holds it’s own members in contempt. It thinks even less of the general public. If they had nothing to hide, there’d be nothing to distract from after all would there?

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