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You Can’t Trust Amazon Listings for PS5 Information

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:00 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:00 PM
  • PS5 details are thin at the moment due to Sony’s marketing strategy.
  • People have been looking through Amazon listings for some information.
  • You cannot trust the information from Amazon listing ‘leaks’.

One of the biggest mysteries about the PS5 is the price tag. It’s an important detail since the world is going through some hard financial times right now. If the price is too high people are going to struggle to afford the console.

This has led to some people digging through Amazon listings to get information about the price and dates on upcoming games and hardware .

The problem is you just cannot trust any of this information.

PS5 - Amazon Nibellion Tweet
When tweeting about the ‘leak’ Nibellion made sure to remind people that these items had since been delisted. | Source: Twitter 

PS5 Listings Are All Over Amazon Right Now

Industry insider Nibellion posted about some of the listings that have appeared on Amazon so far. According to one person who claimed to be a vendor , there are 118 listings for PS5 games and even more for accessories.

There were also some dummy listings in place for various versions of the next-gen consoles, including multiple hard drive capacity variations.

Anyone who expected 118 games to premiere at the PS5 reveal event was clueless. These listings are nothing more than placeholders, and if you read too much into them, then you’re going to end up disappointed.

Placeholders Are Subject To Changes And Removal

The real issue about relying on these listings is that they’re just placeholders. Not only are they subject to massive changes, but they weren’t even supposed to go up in the first place.

The listings have since been removed. Clearly, that information was not ready for the public eye. It seems likely that most of them were due to come out after the PS5 reveal. As such, we have no idea how much of what was contained there was correct.

If you’re dying for accurate information, you’re better off waiting for more official events. If you just can’t bear the wait, then you might as well speculate on the price and games yourself for all the good this ‘leak’ will have done you.

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