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You Can Now Get a Head Start on Your 2020 PlayStation 5 Pre-Order

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:21 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:21 PM
  • PlayStation 5 launches during the holiday season 2020.
  • Pre-order notification pages starting to appear at online retailers like Best Buy and GAME.
  • Still no info on pricing, design, or release date.

Hot off a high definition image of a duo of PlayStation 5 dev kits making its way online last week, the grand march to next year’s next-gen release is ratcheting up a notch.

Retailers Launch PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Notification Pages

Several online retailers now have webpages where interested parties can sign-up for notifications about PlayStation 5 pre-orders and a launch date. Pop in an email, and you’ll get word when the pre-purchase machine groans to life.

We’ve spotted a landing page on US retailer Best Buy’s site , as well as from the likes of UK purveyor of over-priced second-hand titles GAME .

You Can Now Register Your Interest For PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders
PS5 pre-orders aren’t quite here, but they’re getting closer. | Source: Best Buy 

A little less than a year out from the expected release of the PlayStation 5, the latest prodding of an already jittery hype train tortuously sustained on scraps of information from Sony may seem a bit presumptuous.

We aren’t talking about genuine pre-orders, but details about pre-orders.

All Will Be Revealed (Eventually)

As it stands, we’ve yet to find out much about the console. We know the name alongside a few select jargon-crammed Sony marketing buzz lines about haptic controllers and ultra-speedy SSDs.

No price point, no final specification sheet, and no 100% confirmed launch titles. We also don’t know what the thing will look like beyond the unreliable space-age aesthetic of the dev kit. And, probably most important of all, we don’t have a release date other than purposefully broad allusions to the holiday period in 2020.

Why you’d want to sign up when the slightest whiff of a PlayStation 5 pre-order will organically spread like wildfire to every corner of the gaming sphere is beyond on us. But, there you have it.

As we transition into 2020, we can expect Sony to up the momentum considerably. A full PlayStation 5 reveal shouldn’t be too far off – rumors place February as a good bet. E3 should be the soap-box from which Sony plugs its finest next-gen wares and does the utmost to convince fence-sitters.

We hope you’re ready. We’ve got another year of this ahead.