Yallet, an Easy Multilingual Bitcoin Wallet for iOS

October 25, 2014 18:37 UTC

The Luxembourg startup The Yallet Initiative announced the launch of a Bitcoin wallet focused on ease of use in order to appeal to the newest users of the virtual currency.

“The Bitcoin technology will lead to evolutions which will impact the general public, but also the global economy and the financial world.”

It is on this premise that Laurent Kratz, The Yallet Initiative co-founder, made up his mind to develop a practical and easy to use bitcoin wallet. The startup founded by Kratz and Pierre Gérard, who has a successful track record with his former startup Jamendo, launched on October 15 the wallet in the iOS App store.

Among its many features, we find for example a transaction history that keeps exchange rates to show the counter value at the specific time of the transaction, and even an extensive FAQ that will answer all the questions that a beginner in the crypto-currencies world would be likely to ask.

Easy Wallet Made for European Audience

The login to the application is done using a simple PIN, just like any credit card. Specially made for European audience, this wallet is already available in 3 languages, namely English, Spanish and French (the first wallet available in the latter language). Personal ties with France are strong for the wallet’s founders: La Maison du Bitcoin based in Paris hosts a part of the team in its large coworking space.

Although simple to use, the wallet is no slouch in terms of security. The private key of your wallet is only stored locally and encrypted – using the famous AES algorithm – within iOS password manager, the keychain.

With the wallet already available for iOS in the App Store, the startup has just announced the upcoming launch of Android and Windows Phone versions of the application. Good news for which we can all be thankful: while 5.9 million users have been seduced by Microsoft’s mobile operating system according to a market research conducted by Comscore, there is no single Bitcoin wallet currently available for its users.

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