XWIN CryptoBet Makes $1 Million ICO Profit

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XWIN CryptoBet project celebrates its success! Although the official ICO started on 1st of January, the project brings its first $1 million income. In 2018 the betting lovers, represented by 3000 faithful fans, have a desire to make betting on sports with help of XWIN platform.

The venture capitalists of Japanese and South Korean that are specialized in the start-ups regarding blockchain got interested in XWIN – the betting sharing Ethereum platform based on the blockchain. Such pretty ambitious reports were brought from Asia before the beginning of the new year when XWIN leading management team spent time from 18th until 21th of December for the purpose of searching new investors and business prospects.

XWIN CEO Artyom Baikov is convinced that the consumers’ interest in Esports betting deepens in the split second. Following the 2018 Global Esports Markets report, it is known that in 2017 China and North America got the $376 million income (or 53 percents of the world’s profit in sports betting). In 2020 the revenues of total sports betting field can reach $1.4 if only such upward tendency is still actual. XWIN CEO Artyom Baikov says that Japanese and South Korean colleagues consider XWIN as a profitable investment that can become a possible source of their income.

What is more, following the most appropriate reasons for getting a gaming license, XWIN CryptoBet chose British Honduras (Belize City where the XWIN CryptoBet headquarters is located). The instantaneous business access and the total transparency are guaranteed by the absolute confidentiality, the simplicity of the inexpensive procedure, the gaming license with the equal tax for all. These features played a decisive role in securing a Belize gaming license.

Getting the MGA gaming license is one of the most prioritized XWIN goals for current 2018 year. Malta Gaming Authority, known as the first regulating online gambling territory in Europe, licensed over 100 businesses. After the extension to at least six South-Eastern Asia countries, the XWIN intends to become one of the MGA licensed platforms in the short term too.

The different VIP packages, the currency exchange based on smart contract, the AI implementation for estimative probability and calculation of a rate, DAO casino with amusement and poker machines  – it is the unfinished list of the services and features that are still in planning or development process. They will be provided by the platform of XWIN in the near term.

After establishment the XWIN reputation as a rightful crypto-bookmaker allowing the secure betting on different sports, the XWIN CryptoBet CTO Vladimir  Kiryanov and XWIN team assured the Asian colleagues that the adoption of online gaming gold standard is originally the best way to get the successful reputation either for Asian market or XWIN platform, and the perspective of creating the future based on blockchain is pretty clear.

Help to build the blockchain future! Join ICO XWIN right now and get the additional +20% bonus for tokens purchase. Be a number one in the crypto bookmaking industry with XWIN CryptoBet!


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