Xotika.tv: Live Adult Entertainment for Bitcoiners

Adult entertainment has pushed forward a number of technologies, and video technology is no exception. Someone looking for a relaxing atmosphere to admire the female form has a lot of options these days, but studies have shown that many of the free options are also full of malware. In any case, those options don’t necessarily fill the need that some have to have a real person on the other end. This is where cam sites come in, but then there’s a new problem: they’re often prohibitively expensive and require a credit card plus a lot of identifying, potentially embarrassing information to setup.

Thus while Bitcoin hasn’t necessarily been pushed along by the pornography and live entertainment industry as other technologies have, it presents a real opportunity for it. Xotika.tv is taking full advantage of Bitcoin by building a cam platform exclusively on it, with no other payment options being available at this time. Rather than risk your credit card details being stolen in a hack or spending more than you intended, with Xotika you simply deposit the amount of money (in Bitcoin) that you want to spend, and get to it.

Signing up for an account is quick and easy, with a very limited amount of details being required. There is an ever-changing variety of entertainers available for all tastes, and the platform works well for performers as well. Signing up and receiving payment is easy for them as well, not to mention that patrons are able to tip them directly.

June 16th, 2015

June 16th, 2015

Like with other cam sites, the more you pay, the more you can see. Users are able to tip even if they have not created an account, and the chat box allows them to make requests of the performer. For performers, there is an incentive to make the users happy, as all money paid by the user is optional. This is in contrast to many similar sites which are done with traditional payment methods, because with those sites there are non-negotiable payments which the users must make just to use the website.

Xotika.tv is still in beta, but the company is regularly making improvements to the platform. At present the primary benefit to the user is that it affords privacy and control over the money that is spent on the website. For the performer, there is the security of knowing that their payments cannot be denied for any reason, and that all of it is transparent on the block chain. The company has no incentive for either crowd to be unhappy, because without these two groups, the company will not make any money. Therefore Xotika is working to make on-the-fly improvements, and user feedback plays a big role in those decisions.

You can check out Xotika without signing up for an account or paying a fee by visiting Xotika.tv. The above screenshot is from June 16th, so things may have changed (for the better) by the time you are reading this. Certainly there are worse ways to spend your Bitcoin, and certainly there are worse ways to earn a living. Check out Xotika.tv today!