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Relax, The Next-Gen Xbox Series X Isn’t Killing Off The Xbox One S

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:04 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:04 PM
  • Some gamers have speculated that the Xbox One family of consoles is being discontinued.
  • The confusion appears to stem from some online retailers.
  • Despite this, the Xbox One S is confirmed to exist still.

There seems to be an uproar on the internet surrounding the Xbox Series X and Xbox One. It all started when a bunch of online retailers labeled the Xbox One family of consoles as discontinued .

Many took this as a sign that the consoles were being officially discontinued. This was a tactic to push more people into buying the Xbox Series X, despite Phil Spencer’s comments about not leaving the last generation behind.

As it turns out, the Xbox One family will still be around for a while.

Xbox Series X - Xbox One Discontinued
Even after Dan Tavaras made it clear that the consoles would be returning to stock, some fans seemed skeptical, claiming that the systems were still not in-stock in their countries. | Source: Twitter 

The Xbox One S is Still Available

Despite the rumors persisting, the Xbox One being discontinued was debunked weeks ago. On July 4th, Dan Tavares, an Xbox exec, squashed rumors to confirm the Xbox One S was very much still available . He put the confusion down to a change in the SKU (stock keeping unit).

The Xbox One X is still on teh shelves. | Source: Twitter 

He didn’t confirm anything about the Xbox One X, however, leaving many to speculate that it’ll be gone for good with the Xbox Series X coming out in a few short months.

No matter what the situation is with the One X, we know that the family of consoles will still be around in some form or another. But, would it have mattered if that wasn’t the case?

The Xbox Series X Could Invalidate the Xbox One

Considering how consumer-friendly Microsoft is aiming to be with the Xbox Series X, it’s unlikely they’d ever do something like discontinuing a last-gen console without a good reason.

The chances are that if the Xbox Series X cancels the One, it’ll be because something that costs the same but is better is coming out. For instance, Lockheart, the rumored slim and cheap version of the Xbox Series X, which is probably a thing .

It seems that no one is stupid enough to preach ‘no-one left behind’ out of one side of their mouth and then cancel their soon-to-be budget console.

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