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Xbox Series X Could Beat Sony’s PlayStation 5 with Early Price Reveal

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
  • Australian Telstra customers have received messages concerning Series X pre-orders.
  • According to the telecom giant, pre-orders will ‘open soon.’
  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased a Series X event for later this month. Price reveal and Xbox Series S will likely feature.

It sounds like an Xbox Series X price reveal and pre-orders may be just around the corner. According to Australian telecom giant Telstra, Series X pre-orders are set to go live ‘soon.’

In a message sent to customers who’ve registered interest in the company’s Xbox All Access subscription program , Telstra shared as much. Multiple users on Reddit report receiving the message earlier today . It reads:

You’ve signed up to receive information about the Xbox Series X. Pre-order for the Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access will open soon. This offer is exclusive to Telstra customers – so you need a postpaid mobile, mobile broadband or home internet with us.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X pre-orders will ‘open soon.’ | Source: Reddit 

The Xbox All Access subscription  allows players to pick a console alongside an Xbox Live and Game Pass subscription for a fixed monthly fee paid over a two-year period. The program currently exists for Microsoft’s range of Xbox One consoles and will extend to the next-gen Series X console.

While both Microsoft and Sony remain tight-lipped about pricing – arguably one of the remaining pieces of the next-gen puzzle – Telstra’s messaging suggests news could be a matter of weeks away.

Sony, meanwhile, has insisted that it’s upcoming State of Play on August 6 will not have “any updates around hardware, business, preorders, or dates” of the next-gen PlayStation 5.

Xbox Series X August Event

Xbox boss Phil Spencer hinted at an Xbox event this August. In an interview with YouTube iJustine , Spencer dropped the nugget while discussing Microsoft’s upcoming plans, explaining:

I am encouraged that we’ll talk more about it – it should be August. I think August we’ll have more to say.

Watch Now: Phil Spencer Teases August Xbox Event

Given the fast approach of the expected holiday 2020 launch, Microsoft is running out of time to share the Series X price, making this August event the perfect stage to trigger the big rush for pre-orders.

Microsoft is also widely expected to unveil the long-rumored less-powerful, budget variant Xbox Series S during August’s event.