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Xbox Series X Could Beat Sony’s PlayStation 5 with Early Price Reveal

According to a message sent by Australian telecom giant Telstra to customers, Xbox Series X pre-orders are set to go live 'soon.'

  • Australian Telstra customers have received messages concerning Series X pre-orders.
  • According to the telecom giant, pre-orders will ‘open soon.’
  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased a Series X event for later this month. Price reveal and Xbox Series S will likely feature.

It sounds like an Xbox Series X price reveal and pre-orders may be just around the corner. According to Australian telecom giant Telstra, Series X pre-orders are set to go live ‘soon.’

In a message sent to customers who’ve registered interest in the company’s Xbox All Access subscription program, Telstra shared as much. Multiple users on Reddit report receiving the message earlier today. It reads:

You’ve signed up to receive information about the Xbox Series X. Pre-order for the Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access will open soon. This offer is exclusive to Telstra customers – so you need a postpaid mobile, mobile broadband or home internet with us.

Xbox Series X pre-orders will ‘open soon.’ | Source: Reddit

The Xbox All Access subscription allows players to pick a console alongside an Xbox Live and Game Pass subscription for a fixed monthly fee paid over a two-year period. The program currently exists for Microsoft’s range of Xbox One consoles and will extend to the next-gen Series X console.

While both Microsoft and Sony remain tight-lipped about pricing – arguably one of the remaining pieces of the next-gen puzzle – Telstra’s messaging suggests news could be a matter of weeks away.

Sony, meanwhile, has insisted that it’s upcoming State of Play on August 6 will not have “any updates around hardware, business, preorders, or dates” of the next-gen PlayStation 5.

Xbox Series X August Event

Xbox boss Phil Spencer hinted at an Xbox event this August. In an interview with YouTube iJustine, Spencer dropped the nugget while discussing Microsoft’s upcoming plans, explaining:

I am encouraged that we’ll talk more about it – it should be August. I think August we’ll have more to say.

Watch Now: Phil Spencer Teases August Xbox Event

Given the fast approach of the expected holiday 2020 launch, Microsoft is running out of time to share the Series X price, making this August event the perfect stage to trigger the big rush for pre-orders.

Microsoft is also widely expected to unveil the long-rumored less-powerful, budget variant Xbox Series S during August’s event.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:10 PM

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